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2/8/2020 c17 LoserKing
Are you gonna add Alice in the harem?
2/3/2020 c17 11EnderLance
Haven't done this until just a few moments ago, but SaintInfernalNeos! Three words: I love this.

Two years ago, I was just browsing around the SAO fanfic, looking for some good stories when I saw this random story. On April Fool's day, no less, which was pretty funny. But I read the story cause' I genuinely wanted to read something. And then I fell in love.

Fast forwards to 2020, and this story is a bomb! I love your works, and know that I'll be readily available to sit back and read your stories, haha!

Also, no 'r' in Alfheim? Well! Thanks all the same, mate, and cheers to you! (Q OwO Q)
1/26/2020 c17 1tsun
Kingdom hearts ️
1/23/2020 c17 kept123
Thanks for the chapter
1/21/2020 c17 85StevieBond
Well, I finally caught up to this chapter and I gotta admit, this story has had me laughing so much. The gamer side to it really hits home of how crazy things can get for one man. It's also reminded me of how much I enjoyed Hollow Fragment (well, until Hollow Realization came along).

Keep up with the amazing work you've done here. :)
1/21/2020 c4 StevieBond
Hehe, poor Kirito. At least he got a kiss from Sachi.
1/20/2020 c1 StevieBond
[Let's start raising flags!]

You've just won me over with that sentence alone, well played. :D
1/14/2020 c1 Drakensong24
It awesome he is stuck in two games at once
1/8/2020 c17 5Robin the Ylissian Grandmaster
I'm excited to see the ending of Aincrad and how you handle the Fairy Dance arc seeing that you brought the main villain into Aincrad. good chapter, can't wait for more!
1/7/2020 c17 1thewookie1
I half expected Pina to gain a route with how this chapter ended.

I look forward to more hi-jinks in the future.
1/4/2020 c17 8Emrys Akayuki
It is gonna be so fun when sachi realises she has powers irl (I think you hinted at something like that) kinda want one of the other ones to have real powers as well, although it might give kirito the opening he needs to explain his powers and have them actually beleive him; it has to come up at some point right?
1/4/2020 c17 7Aroband
Glorious insanity as usual, it's always such a delight to read this story. Kirito fucking brute forcing the 'protect that smile' prompt was exactly what I'd expect from him at this point. The ensuing meteor, not so much. I'm intrigued that you seem to be setting yourself up for some far flung future plot threads; a daring move to be sure. I suppose that just means I can look forward to reading more of this, preferably soon. That's the hope at least! Once again, great job as usual, can't wait for more!
1/3/2020 c17 Guest
Kingdom Hearts reference... yay! Wait... that achievement about the heart at the end, does that mean either Silica or Lux is getting a keyblade!
1/3/2020 c17 1hellfire45
Good chapter and I can’t wait to see what happens next and it is great the hollow area is done and I hope Kirito will be able to help Yui
12/29/2019 c7 Kitsune Obsessed Freak
I think being stupid could be very liberating...
... If you're stupid.
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