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12/26/2019 c9 IunctusCorde
... okay let me try this one.
Oh ho ho? For a change Klein has kept his magnanimous balls to himself and has instead sought his own satisfaction by getting on his knees for his manliest of friends! But will Kirito release that which Klein so earnestly desires?

Also is it me or are these new heroines HORRIFICALLY deadly?
So how long until he somehow waifu's Cardinal?
Wonder what his chances are with [LIFE] and [DEATH]? Surely all that laughter is worth a... metaphorical? Literal? However they'd do it, Kiss on each cheek.
12/26/2019 c8 IunctusCorde
*reads chapter... with a sound of being hut in the back*
Oh shit.

And once more Klein's balls bring great joy to his friends.
As a side note, never before have i joyously shouted "Here comes his balls", nor did i ever think i would.
12/26/2019 c7 IunctusCorde
Kinda glad she isn't a heroine.
Sugu is one thing, Yui is another.

And once more the man of the great ball smashes his namesake into the faces of evil doers in the name of JUSTICE.

Nwxt chapter gone be fun.
Btw, what is this hollow thing? And why do i feel unease.
12/26/2019 c6 IunctusCorde
No man should have that kind of patting power.

Also i like what the next scenes title implies.

And ah, more of the great klein. Making his foes wet and smothering them with his bountiful ball which holds more than they're ready for.
12/25/2019 c4 redsoxninja
Stand nameWhat's New, Pussycat?]]
12/25/2019 c5 IunctusCorde

and then Fucking RUN when that fails.
12/25/2019 c4 IunctusCorde
You have brought me great joy.
Both in the form of the little kitten and that, while not "what the fuuu", Sir Jack Dapper got to say "Son of a bitch".
Followed by Asuna saying "YOU SON OF A BITCH".

Now lets speed this wagon along to the next unwitting heroine!
..And yes this IS a Jojo referance!
12/25/2019 c3 IunctusCorde
NPC's are fair game? *Laughs in eroge*

And gotta love the Klein ex machina
Descending from the sky with his hefty ball to dive deeep into the enemies of his 6-9 buddy.

Oh and once more that word has burned through my mind, like a fire caused by bad internet, sachiiiiiii.

Also i shall have the chapter read by Sir Jack Dapper in my head.
I hope he gets to say "what the fuuu"
12/25/2019 c2 Guest
...halfway through reading this a single word, nigh a desperate plea, burned itself through my mind.


Also i approve of more ballsdeep69.
Oh and "Mynameisklein" to you sir, i like your work so far!
12/25/2019 c17 coolkid0806
This was great! Obviously, Kingdom Hearts, ftw. However, more importantly if Simon can add the keyboard to UBW then she will have an infinitely summonable blade without Mana drain. On that note, Sinon will definitely be manifesting UBW soon, and I am so excited to see it happen. The hollow area is cleared, and they are getting close to beating SAO, so all their problems will be solved. *Laughs hystericallyNo seriously I think there are more problems in the video game verse than there are in canon) Carry on you watch heroes, for you approach the 100th floor, here there be dragons! They don't even have the movie power ups to kill it, so I guess they will have to go with the original game's OP skill boosts protect that smile.
12/25/2019 c17 8Quathis
So Kirito finally embraces the crazy of his relationships and stops fighting against it. This should be very interesting in terms of how that will work with the rest of the battling and relationship unlocking. Lots of skills popping up, and "Key of Heart" really makes me think Keyblade… which may explain any extra worldly shenanigans in the future. Until next time.
12/24/2019 c17 luanreis
Thanks for the chapter and merry christmas!
12/24/2019 c2 iamjmph01
So, I decided to give this a chance, because gamer fics are my favorite at the moment and this was a new take. I like most of whats been going on so far, but i really hope he gets over the existential crisis brought on by his self esteem. He doesn't see himself as worthy, so thinks the affection he receives is forced by the game. Seeing him panic is a bit funny, but will get old fast. I know his "denseness" is canon, but all the dating sim is really doing is showing him what they feel, and sometimes helping him do impossible things(or making them happen ala Klein) that help that along. It's not actually forcing them to like him as he believes, or at least thats what i get out of it...

I know you've written a lot already, im not asking you to change anything for me. Just telling you what i think. I hope i don't upset you or anything. Off to read more :)
12/24/2019 c17 28Kairan1979
Thanks for the update.
It's a shame about Venom symbiote. I was just imagined Kirito becoming like Agent Venom.
12/24/2019 c17 babiloniaolimpo
Venom is a rather complicated but funny character, he is like a teenager.
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