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for SAO: The Eroge

9/30/2019 c16 Mr Miliardo
First Gundam, then the Libra armour (calling it Cloth makes me feel stupid)... then Iron Man cyber armour and the freaking gauntlet with the damned stones... what next? Something from the Tenchi Muyo continuity? Or the Ranma 1/2?


On an unrelated note... it would have been really cool to see Kirito equipping the accursed thing and "snapping his fingers" at Kayaba at the last battle at floor 100. XP
9/30/2019 c16 1thewookie1
Eroge Powers turning SAO into one huge pile of references is a rather funny idea which only gets better lol.
9/29/2019 c16 1RomeoDreamWriter
This was already bullshit to begin with. Now it's become madness incarnate and I absolutely love it. Honestly, at one point one could call this a "Crack Fic", but it's just so well made that one can't help to keep reading.
9/29/2019 c16 PasiveNox
Hmmmm great great
9/28/2019 c16 D
Lolz! Imagining Strea paraphrasing Thanos just made my day.
"Protecting Kirito is no easy task but this.." , closes hand over infinity gauntlet before socking random villain, "does put a smile to my face!...~Husbando cuddle time~!"

And..d-did Kirito frigin bond with the one ring when he went all murder-death-KILL!
Judging by Philia's 'precious reward' i guess both she and her horcrux are now smitten...
"W-wait you want me to wear you where so that we are always together?!"

As if that weren't enough best cuddle buddy Venom is on the loose, who will be the lucky one i wonder..

Thanks for the update!
9/28/2019 c16 fnafan8008
Welp, that's the end of the Infinity Gauntlet in this universe I guess! I can't tell you how much this has made me laugh. It's awesome! Can't wait for the next chapter!
9/27/2019 c16 12Uena
You can't see me right now, but I'm typing this with my face pressed tightly against my desk, resisting the urge to slam it up and down.

Well, isn't that just a smorgasbord of powers? I could comment on the grammar, or how you missed a letter or two in the story like "palms" becoming "pals", but that all pales in comparison to what's happening to the story.

Very crazy.

In fact, I'm just waiting for the next girl to show up and get infected, becoming the next "Dating Sim" Kerrigan.

... It's most likely the Symbiote though. Not that I would know, I lost track of every girl's powers' original fandom.
9/27/2019 c3 Guest
Too much Asuna. One of the problems I had with the original series is how much it was about Asuna. She was one of the most boring characters and Kirito was always about her even though he had other girls just as or even more interesting than her.
9/27/2019 c16 TheB
God damn it. Not even a page in and I'm already laughing my ass off. xD
I bet achievements are just generated on the fly, not predetermined.

Great chapter!
9/26/2019 c16 1tsun
Thanks for the update.
9/26/2019 c16 Hogwarts Knight
Glad to hear that life is getting a bit smoother for you, and really need to remember that reading your fics in public does not help convince people of my sanity. Was definitely a fun chapter with what looks to be some amusing foreshadowing thrown in. Liz now has the option to give Stark a run for his money, and the thought of Kirito with vibranium or adamantium blades really shouldn't be so amusing, and unless I'm very mistaken we just got our first cameo appearance of venom near the end there. I will admit I'm mildly depressed that the infinity gauntlet was dealt with off screen but it honestly does make sense, even with the potential shenanigans it could've brought forth. Do have the wonder if the dream sharing is from the Fate data in Sinon for if it is due to Kiritos power, or if terrifyingly enough time got a mild rewrite.

Anyways going to stop rambling for now and look forward to your next update, and keep debating if I want to keep avoiding OPG:COF until I finally get caught up on the official SAO storyline or give in and start reading the madness
9/26/2019 c16 8Quathis
Fun times, now with and IronLady blacksmith. That should be interesting going forward, especially with the suit helps her learn different techniques for making upgrades/repairs/modifications/etc. Always good to keep PoH either under thumb or dead. Him running rampant is not usually a good idea for the general health of everyone else. Until next time.
9/26/2019 c16 chaoshazard1
To be honest, I thought(Probably like so many others.) that Liz would get Thor's powers because, you know, it comes with a hammer. Though Iron Man also makes sense as a builder of weapons.
9/26/2019 c16 2Shonen Sentai Jumpranger
Congratulations on your update Saint :)
9/25/2019 c16 4Black Magic99
tbh i fell of when things got... different then canon. around the yui arc. too me anyway there is such a thing as to many pairings in a story that it just becomes sort of a mess. to many different characters to focus on. what happened at that point? you just say imma do what i want, or will all be revealed in time? leafa having such armor in the midievil setting kind of took the stakes out of it. and the sudden introduction of new pairs is just too much for me.

Ranting bit over, Imma still read the updates and the title of the next chapter has given me some hope but overall the story lost its roots for me.

(also how many girls are there now?
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