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for SAO: The Eroge

6/13 c20 Lechuzape
I love this eroge!
6/13 c20 Alex TF
Can't wait for the next arc to start! Keep up the great work!
6/13 c6 4Verdauga
6/13 c4 Verdauga
6/13 c3 Verdauga
6/13 c20 123ABIR123
Thanks for the update really waiting for your chapters
6/12 c20 Guest
que bueno que estas de regreso espero el siquiente capitulo
6/12 c20 1thewookie1
As always this story is a riot.

I look forward to Kirito's next thrilling adventure with his giant number of wives and Klein. Perhaps he can help Klein finally find someone?
6/12 c20 Bluerose1937
I’m so glad I literally just 100% lost song within the last month. I liked hollow fragments story more but lost song had much better combat especially
Yuuki’s tier 3 dark magic or Rain’s element buff, attack buff, and thousand sword rain or the eclipse. Anyways patiently waiting for more where I go play more of hollow realization. Actually before I go I wonder which girl can he even get in lost song. I really doubt Seven could be in any real relationship but definitely Rain. Who else? The leaders of Sugu and Silica’ tribes. (Ofc we all know Yuuki)
6/12 c20 The Wolf Paladin
And so the first arc has ended.

It seems that things are moving and some people are getting involved earlier.

Curious how this will affect things especially with Pitohui being on the move.

Lost song is going to be interesting : curious to see who will make it in the harem aside from Rain of course because at this point it is only a matter of time.

Speaking of which I think I have a good idea on what could be Rain’s power and even her special skill.
But we’ll see if I am correct when we will get there.
6/12 c20 Guest
I stand corrected.
It was not the WT Morpher… But actually the freaking *Master Morpher*.
And not Krypto, but Amayori in what I guess is Hackmon’s body?
Ho boy they’re in for a fun future, aren’t they?

Also… Shaman Queen Yuuki, with Aiko and Merida as guardian spirits?
6/12 c20 3Anime-ted Life116
I can't resist it...

6/12 c1 Guest
Eroge in the title yet it's rated T. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.
6/12 c20 chunnin33
Last week I finally watched War of Underworld. Have been catching up on SAO fanfiction and was up to chapter 18 re-reading this when you updated?

Fell in love with your writing all over again. That title change is going to come in handy for something epic isn't it.
6/12 c20 Uday Sra
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