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for SAO: The Eroge

5/15/2019 c11 psp reader
En Taro Adun
5/15/2019 c10 psp reader
Wew... Closed doors needed, lol
5/15/2019 c13 Magictoaster
Why does Kizmel have the arrow on her head? That arrow is a feature for Air Nomads, not Avatars. You don’t see Korra walking around with an arrow on her head, do you?
5/15/2019 c15 1thewookie1
Captain Asuna, The Golden Knight (Not the hockey team, unless she suddenly owns it now due to her apparel.

Poor Sinon is finally getting memories back but at inopportune times.

Kirito's power has become so powerful its drawing points for him without him even being anywhere near.

I'm honestly surprised nurses haven't started falling for his comatose body for unknown reasons.

Sugou, just got reverse pedophiled.
5/15/2019 c15 WillItWork
I am delighted to see a new chapter, but the trajectory shown here is terrifying. Reality in and out of VR is being warped, cascading changes… armies will battle and their decayed husks will rise, groaning to protect the smile.

Honestly that phrase is becoming a curse, and I expect certain powers are laughing.

I. The other hand, more broken power ups and silliness is fun, and each chapter is more cracky — I kinda love it.

Thanks for sharing.
5/15/2019 c8 psp reader
Broken, lol
5/14/2019 c6 psp reader
Boiled over, lol
5/14/2019 c4 psp reader
Must be a Stand, lol.
5/14/2019 c3 psp reader
Ooh boy, lol.
5/14/2019 c2 psp reader
5/14/2019 c15 Mr Miliardo
...to protect his smile...

The vaster consensus wants you to dedicate to the last two chapter of Lusus, and I must grudgingly bow to the majority's will, but the phrase above... gods, it'll haunt my dreams (those dreams of mine that shape themselves out of the fiction I read, that is) for a long time.

There's only ONE smile that could be inferred, if merely the pronoun HIS is used...

...and stated from the corrupt Cardinal no less...
5/12/2019 c1 psp reader
Interesting start, fates finger is quite powerful
5/13/2019 c15 paradox0.5white
What are the loli demons
5/13/2019 c15 8Quathis
Sinon's mental issues are keeping her arc interesting. Throw in Sachi's little decent from her own recollections, and the mental health this chapter was going down. Fortunately, Strea got her madness sung out of her. Not sure just what Sugou was doing there, but I look forward to the consequences of his visit. Until next time.
5/13/2019 c15 D
Worried about Sug...wha-?! Who cares about the idiot, i am more worried about the little Dolls/MHCP's doing the altering/merging, i hope the little ones weren't permanently harmed. Admittedly said idiot could potentially make for a good 'crow of cainhurst' douche of a boss, throw in a possible 'roided yharnam werewolf' phase 2...

Anyway..'sees development potential "?" along with "super speed" and "luck" ' , "oh shit its Jotaro and his 'f#ck you Dio i now can do it too stand' all over again!"

Also Kirito you don't know how lucky you are that you got Archer-Sinon, what with Emiya being essentially a male version of a super loyal 'yamato nadeshiko' to his loved ones. You could have gotten Tamamo~chan~! _-...brrr while its hilarious just imagining the explosive interactions with the 'scarlet women tempting her pure love'..brrr the genki yandere would be too much for aincrad.

Thanks for the update! And yes reskins-recolors of bosses suck and endgame was 'lit!', with the exception of the mockery they made of the Thunderer.
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