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5/12/2019 c6 4fangs of death
Love the chapter, Your adaption of silica is probably the creepiest with how you had her talk about brutal violence with what she and Pina did to the Kirin, but honestly that makes it so much more interesting. And I love it, keep up the good work!
5/12/2019 c4 Beastarc
Review number 1000 for an amazing story.
5/12/2019 c15 1hellfire45
Good chapter and I can’t wait to see what happens next and when Kirito has sex with Sachi it will be funny as night kitty will be watching
5/12/2019 c15 bozoman
ok so going by that last line from cardinal i'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that it is still being effected by "To Protect That Smile" and thus doing everything to in some twisted way protect kirito's girls which would explain how some of them are getting there power ups (ex. kizmel's magic,leafa's zero system) because i don't care if it's technically a "God/Corruption given power" in order for leafa to use the zero system cardinal has to be in some way sending the server's data on what exactly it plans to spawn/have mobs do to her avatar before actually implementing those commands on a server wide basis for it to actually work as it is.
ps. sorry for the long comment/(probably) stupid theory
5/12/2019 c15 FateBurn
Good chapter
5/12/2019 c15 The Wolf Paladin
So Yuna’s powerup is basically a super support whose appearence is based of Ordinal scale.
It seems that Archer’s presence is getting stronger especially since she said the first line.
If Heavens feel taught us anything is that going beyond this line isn’t good for your brain and considering that she has damaged her brain by going in SAO.
She needs to make her own aria otherwise Archer will consume her.
Hopefully she will get her own form of Unlimited Lost works when she goes to GGO.
And it looks like Cardinal wants to the smiles ? That is weird.
And Sugou seems to not be dead yet. The way it was phrased makes it seem like his avatar was being corrupted and modified. The mind is definitely dead but the body might be there.

Nice to see more of Sachi and honestly I thought it was her turn but I guess we will have to wait for Requiem.
5/12/2019 c15 22KnightEstoc
A wonderful thing for Kazuto to wake up to! Though... hmm, nobody else got a "morning after" scene, I wonder what's so special about Liz that she gets one?

The simple joy of the Hollow Ring Wraiths just casually chatting while their horrible monster pet murders everything is wonderful as well! Though it's a good thing Sinon was there to help them out... even while she slips further and further into the most obvious case of denial ever.

Sachi is a good girl, and I'm proud of her. ...But she's not weird! That's very rude. (Night Kitty still sounds like a Crunchyroll dub Stand name.)

Strea is my favorite in here so far (after Argo of course) because she's Bloodborne but also tries her best to be a good friend. Too bad for Silica that Silica is for headpats, huh? She seems so depressed by the 'challenge' presented by Strea and Leafa!

No Sinon no, why are you running into melee when you have a bow - oh. Brain damage, and EMIYA corruption. That makes sense. I hope she kicks the EMIYA bullshit soon enough though, it's less interesting to have "Sinon but also Emiya" as a character in my opinion.

Fuck you, Sugou. You idiot. You stupid moron. You got your people turned into Winter Lanterns... And Yuna too? Everyone's just getting a feature this chapter, huh. Well, Catch The Moment is powerful song, so sure.

It's okay, Sinon, let it out! It'll be okay.
5/12/2019 c15 5MiyazakiFan18
I really enjoy what you have here so far, and it's just what I needed to get myself inspired to writing AaG again.

As a moderate fan of Gundam, I really enjoy the powers Leafa gained, and the same thing goes for Lord of the Rings and where Philia went. Despite this being a parody of most gamer fics, most spoofs you made weren't done in bad taste or were disrespectful at all toward Gamer stories.

Kirito's harem is also very well done, and you built up to it in a manner the actual anime couldn't. That is to say, you actually made the harem pairing official instead of hinting at it. What I also enjoyed is that you pushed everything to excess instead of having it in small amounts like the anime gave us.

Over the top battles, harem tropes, and fanservice? Why have just a little when you can have a ton!?

Needless to say but this was a great read and I think you're very skilled in balancing tons of different aspects that would make this story difficult to write, such as all the references to other stuff and the zany plot itself.

So as an avid reader and writer of Gamer stories, I must admit that you did a great job pointing out flaws while at the same time sharing a love for the material you're parodying. Similar to South Park in a lot of ways, while you poked fun at bad game design and leaps in logic of some Gamer fics, you still did with an understanding of what you were making fun of.

This all works very well as a story on its own not counting the comedic aspects which also work very well, and I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes in the future. This story does indeed deserve it's own TV Tropes page that you should be proud of attaining!
5/12/2019 c15 2LukeSky001
Since you made jojo stand stats, I expect there will be Fate servants stats for Sinon? With luck being EX of course, thanks to the Protect the smile skill? Even though she is Archer(E-ya) who has E rank luck?
5/12/2019 c15 1rjdodnd
just now I noticed Sachi was a JoJo reference. guess that happens when you dont watch JoJo at all

Argo saying "Kii-bou, and whoever is ik there today, we are in a hurry" is my new favourite thing XD

and not only you introduced Yuuna, but you also set up the stage for eventually Rain and Seven! I dunno if the harem you are building will wnd up being too big for you to properly write, but i will be looking forward to it!
5/12/2019 c15 2FinzDragzer
TY for update.. barely know any plot.. since i only know Anime, LN , and Fatal Bullet XD
5/12/2019 c15 MachiavellianGarfield
This Chapter Was Sweet I Love Sinon But Why Did You Have To Give Her Brain Damage, She Is Too Cool For That.
5/12/2019 c15 PasiveNox
oh the song from the movie nice nice and the rest is also great
5/12/2019 c15 3Lyrista
Hi Sugou!

Bye Sugou!

Yep Sinon needs the hugs. All of the hugs. Though do we need to constantly mention that Sinon is skimpily dressed all the time? You seem to do so several times a chapter that she's in. I don't think our memories are THAT bad Saint lol. Though Sinon in Hollow Fragment does have a weirdly high number of revealing outfits in her special armor. Hell her ultimate one is literally a metal bikini and a scarf. That's MMORPG female outfits for you I suppose. Perhaps it's not without reason after all. Saw the nod in this chapter to the late game boss of Hollow Fragment. Players of the game know the one I see.
5/12/2019 c15 26Apex85
RIP Sugou. Your suffering brought great entertainment.
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