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6/12 c20 Anikong
Thanks for the update. Been looking forward to this for a while. It was a really satisfying epilogue to Aincrad and an interesting set up in the next arc. Though I hope it doesn't take months for the next chapter.
6/11 c20 PasiveNox
great chapter
6/11 c20 TigerJacob
I've been thinking about this fic alot since I finished it...whenever that was. So super hyped to see it updated.

Alfheim is gonna be hilarious, but I don't see how power rangers has anything to do with it...yet.

Thanks for the read!
6/11 c20 1GodWing30
You gave Eugeo the power of Tommy Oliver I'm dying of laughter here. that was a super conclusion to the Aincrad Hallow Fragment scenario, kinda wanted to the "normal" people react to Unisons Heart relationships...
6/11 c20 1Naruto Sakura Uzumaki
Eugeo and Alice at the end?! Awesome! And next is Lost Song! Can't wait to see what new chaotic madness (and new unknown changes) await!
6/11 c20 1R3qu13m0f50ul5
#YuukiChanLives ...I hope.
6/11 c20 Lordova
Nice to see an update like this! Say, have you heard of the ongoing post-Alicization story arc called "Unital Ring"? It's basically a mish-mash of the SAO story arcs which features, among other things:
1.) The reappearance of Argo as a transfer student!
2.) Yui becoming a player and learning to fight with a sword like Kirito and Asuna!

I'm sure that you can look up "SAO Unital Ring" to see what I'm talking about. Assuming you aren't too busy with your other works and maybe some future DDLC fanfics for all I know.

Have a nice day!
6/11 c20 1TheNameIsSpace
6/11 c20 A certain reader
are you going to make this a crossover soon? I got excited when I read "Counter Guardian Emiya" btw thank you for ending the hiatus and for the great chapter I really thought that this was abandoned phew
6/11 c20 3Lyrista
After all the times you got your chain yanked by your power with the illusion of control and possible escape and you think it'll let you turn off your girl magnetism? Oh you silly boy, that's adorable. You'll never escape.

Well time for Lost Song which was honestly the weakest entry in the game cannon of SAO in my opinion. Thanks for the lovely ride so far and I eagerly await more. Don't worry about a schedule, it'll happen when it happens.
6/11 c20 FateBurn
6/11 c20 bwooodlord


also are you gonna genderbend eugeo and make her a heroine cos i wanna see a eugeo route
and if your gonna do that might as well take eugeos page too...hehe boi

anyways enough rambling from me and welcome back. meet me in the bar later so we can get hammered and sickled cos we got a lot to catch up on lad
6/11 c20 chad001
Another viewer did raise an interesting point; does the system consider Eugeo a 'heroine'? xD

Great to have you back, looking forward to the next!
6/11 c20 Chronostorm
And so Kirito finally cleared the prologue lol. Well in all seriousness now where these new characters shown from the SOA universe in some way or are they oc's/other anime characters given I don't really recognize any of them at the moment.
6/11 c20 Imperiom
Por fin. e estado esperando tanto tiempo. de las mejores historias
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