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3/5/2019 c1 CGOP
Op la serie.
2/28/2019 c3 2TwistedViper20XX
For some reason, I get a very "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe" vibe from this story. It's effin' hilarious, and I'm burning through chapter after chapter. Keep it up!
2/27/2019 c3 VixEveningShade
This story is precious. God damn it, I hope you keep updating this one...
2/25/2019 c1 Oliver W.K. Twist
Congratulations you genius, you for me hooked in one chapter. Now I will hound you to the ends of the earth to complete this story, which I declare amazing. From one chapter. Keep up the good work. Or else...
2/20/2019 c13 Hogwarts Knight
I've been on again and off again with SAO due to mostly following manga, and sometimes having a hard time finding the next part of the storyline. With that said I knew enough to think that a gamer story wouldn't work despite how much of a guilty pleasure they have become for me at times. Having now read this story I must now at your brilliance, and thank you for all the laughs, and cannot wait for the next chapter
2/9/2019 c13 1hellfire45
Good chapter and I can’t wait to see what happens next
2/8/2019 c2 WillItWork
I honestly didn’t expect it to be this fun.

Thanks for sharing!
2/7/2019 c9 8Touhara Naoya
That's a lot of teleporting for a game without magic, Kirito really has it hard
1/24/2019 c2 correnhimself316
Lol poor kazuto , he is Doooooomed.
1/15/2019 c13 TouhouLunatic
I discovered your works only one week ago and this one is simply FANTASTIC!
There are way too few good harem SAO fics (which is the ONLY proper SAO fic!) and your story is also great on the comedy (more like madness XD) and creativity so i'm enjoying it immensely.

... kinda wish i could kidnap and force you to focus only on this one :P

Keep up the good work!
1/15/2019 c13 Mr Miliardo
-"…how does he make such things seem so easy?" sighed the archer while looking down with an annoyed tone but also a small smile, clearly aware that the gamer (Which most people were now telling to 'stop with his womanizing and head for the next Floor already!') didn't have any crazy power helping him out unlike them.-

Heh... answering that would mean spoiling the plot, dear.

Yeah, I'm late in reading this. Blame the PS4 and the whole contingent of SAO games installed on it, if you want. Also, the plot surely is twisting and snarling like a... I actually lack a proper comparison without cheesily quoting Dr Who.

Yui is getting on my nerves, lately, with important cues her self-induced idiocy keeps making useless. The Hunter, huh? There's currently ONE char that properly answers to that role-call, and... well... -sigh- ...I guess we shall see, won't we.
1/14/2019 c1 10Overseer Nooter
Hey Neos! It's me from the reddit, and despite harem not being my thing I still took a quick read, and I have to say the humor behind this is pretty good! So on behalf of people who still want you to continue keep it up!
1/13/2019 c5 Swordyoshi
I see a lot of comments here about Yunna, and how her survivable is close to impossible with the stone coming in December of that year. I remember Sachi's guardian, and here my theory about how Kirito got the stone before december. I believe that Sachi Black Kitty in one of the boss fights, or monster level up, pick up the divine stone of resurrection early, which lead to the game begin to glitch out because of it. It also leads to Kayaba going mad. This why I believe that creates the funniest situation that I have every read. Sachi been alive is killing the game by get the best items early, long before you should get them. By keeping Sachi alive, the next surpose to be dead character is save, and it speed up the death of SAO even faster. But that just a theory. I want to see what anyone thinks about that.
1/13/2019 c6 Ill
Yuuna... Silica... this is 'Gap Moe', right!? RIGHT!?
Though, I absolutely adore this story!
Thanks for the chapter!
1/13/2019 c13 20OverLord Wang-Yu
Just When I Think I Already Saw It All, You Just Keep Surprising Me! Great Chapter, I Can’t Wait To See What Comes Up Next!

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