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1/8/2019 c13 28Xavon Wrentaile
Hmm. Instead of Catch the Moment, I was originally picturing Yuuna singing Real Emotion as a prelude to her getting Dress Sphere powers for FFX-2...
1/8/2019 c13 VoidGivenForm
Oh wait no I posted it crap.
1/8/2019 c13 VoidGivenForm
When Kizmel started bending, I said, "No. No no no. She better not be getting any fucking Avatar bullshit. Then she said something about spirits and I was like, "Oh ok. This is fine. A
1/8/2019 c13 reydrago
Ah,an update lets see
Ah Surprise Furinmobile in the face, never gets old
LOL the elf gone avatar...
and the dragon have enogh brain to Run instead of fighting
1/8/2019 c13 1tsun
thanks for the chapter. so its yuuna' s turn.
1/8/2019 c13 1Naruto Sakura Uzumaki
The only thing that I still don't get is: WHY is Rain constantly taking notes?
1/8/2019 c13 TigerJacob
I was worried you were going to add tilnel with no plot background, thank you for alleviating my fears. Also I'd post the opening words to avatar, but it's been years since I watched it and cant remember enough to make a parody. Looking forward to lizs' quest. Newfound appreciation for this fic after reading one that tried to combine actual gaming powers with a romance gaming aspect and it didnt blend. Sometimes keeping it simple is for the best. Thanks for the read.
1/8/2019 c13 PasiveNox
Wonderful chapter chaotic as always great
1/8/2019 c13 22KnightEstoc
Well, THAT's certainly a way for Kirito to wake up in the morning. Maybe he'll actually stop complaining about his abilities for once... Ah, who am I kidding? It's too much fun to watch him sweat. Also Lewd Elf Best Elf, as usual.

I see that everyone is kinda broken, huh... They kinda blow through any and all challenge without breaking much of a sweat. Aaaaand then Kizmel becomes the Avatar and well, goodbye any challenge left, you won't be missed much. I mean, very little can stand against the elemental forces of nature itself.

Yui continues to be amazing! All this drama is going on and she's playing Minesweeper. I guess it really is a ubiquitous program that works on every operating system. And Yuna's songs are great - wait, hang on. Hunter's Corpse? Strea can't die, it's not allowed. Best Gameverse Girl is immortal unless it would make her unhappy.

...Asuna is Libra the Scales... Hmmm... In the harem, there's Leo (Yuna and Sinon), Taurus (Liz), Libra (Asuna and Silica), Aries (Leafa and Philia), Scorpio (Strea), and whenever Argo and Lux's birthdays are... That's not enough for the full zodiac of girls, huh. Oh well! Looking forward to the next update.
1/8/2019 c13 4Zaralann
Wonderful as always, pity you didn't show Asuna's Gift to Kirito.
1/8/2019 c13 Guest
1/8/2019 c13 26Apex85
Loved the Kizmel scene. Though the image of her having an arrow tattoo seems odd atleast she's not bald.

And dammit, you brought up Ludwig. Strea with his sword would be a terrifying combination.

And Asuna with a Saint Seiya Cloth? This will be hilarious XD
1/8/2019 c13 The Wolf Paladin
Ah Asuna you forgot that you were with Kizmel so of course she will talk about your night to everyone.

Kizmel the Avatar makes me think of Shimy from Les Legendaires (a french comic book series). And yeah elves are in tone with nature so it is logical. I wonder if she has blood and metal bending too.
And hey technically not magic but element bending. Gotta love those workarounds. Also it seems that Kizmel is aware that Strea isn’t a Player so that ought to be interesting.

Astrological signs. Armor of legend. Asuna powerup event. Welp here we go again.
You know it is funny to think that my first comment for your OPG series was about something similar.
Asuna’s sign is Libra but Capricorn works for her too.

You know at this point I think we should establish a lsit about the girls’s powers. Every time a girl gains a power from a crossover I will note it.
Here we go so far we have :
Argo (Starcraft), Asuna (mostly likely Saint seiya), Kizmel (Avatar), Leafa (Gundam), Strea (Bloodborne), Silica (Monster hunter), Philia (Lord of the rings), Sachi (Jojo), Sinon (Fate)

I am curious to see Lux’s upgrade.

And that was an ominous prophecy from Yui. It seems that something bad will happen to Strea.
1/8/2019 c13 3Speedyquader
Please start adding omakes to this story too?
1/7/2019 c12 SomeoneWithTasteDoA
Yet another abandoned story.

Your grammar sucks, you misspell a frightening amount of words as well. But I absolutely love these kinds of nonsensical stories.

Maybe I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up again.
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