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4/12/2018 c3 Comrade Broseph
Uhm. Ok, but why did he put on the disguise in the first place? Like what were his motives? Or his thought process? Please clear this up for me...

I like that Kirito isn't acting like the typical blushing protagonist. And there is even a reason for him to act occ. And Klein is literally riding the Deus Ex Machina to the rescue every time. And somehow that makes the story better rather than worse! :D

I kinda want you to maybe expand a bit more on just what everyone thinks of Kizmel. Like, do they actually regard her as a sentient living being? An equal to humans? Or just a very valuable asset? How normal is it for people in the world of SAO to humanize even good AI to such a degree? Why does from their point of view Kizmel's life matter but not that of any other NPC (mobs included)?

Also a lot of typos this chapter, but meh, I'll take it if it means you upload at the rate you are currently going. I will admit to reading this for the lulz rather than for the prose :p
4/12/2018 c3 7Warlus999
Esto se esta poniendo bueno... Muy bueno!
4/12/2018 c3 Temsen
That first date, November 6th, is the same as the beginning last chapter, small typo I think.

After reaching the Quest Campaign start, my first thought was along the lines of "wonder if his reality breaking power can make an NPC girl real for him."
"foregone conclusion that she couldn't be 'romanced'" Dare I say jinxed?
Waifu Asuna still going strong. :D
The two godesses; Life and Death?
Kirito turns on the charm, critical hit! Asuna is stunned.

Oh god, you did it again, that damn rock. xD
Incredibly forward of Kizmel, wonder where Argo and Asuna were.

As a beater, he got more popular the stronger he became (...I think), as an eroge-protag, he'll likely become more hated the more girls he gets (at least from the male population) :D
4/12/2018 c3 Pajarit0
This...is one of the greatest things i have read in the SAO section.
Love it
Specially love Klein appearances, it just cracks me up.
Also, nice reference with the Aincrad creation myth.

Keep up the good work please, this is amazing.
4/12/2018 c3 chad001
"elven costumes aside." I think you meant 'customs'. This is more funny though XD

Also, Kirito is Kenpachi now. I like it. Ist hat going to stay or is he still going to abandon kendo? (Not that he really use kendo here per session, but I'd like to think that recovering his relationship with his sister would prob influence his views on the art a bit. But then again, it'd prob be useless for dual wielding, so iunno.)
4/12/2018 c3 Guest
Damn it, Kirito stole all the women, again.
So are you gonna include Strea and Phillia like OPG.
Or are you adding others, like Rain or Lux? (I swear there are too few stories featuring them.)
4/12/2018 c3 Lord Star
Oh wait, two things.

First, I meant to say MHCP not MCHP. (Darn it!)
Second, I actually forgot about Premiere, and her "Goddess Sister" Tia. Less familiar to me probably because they are newer. Still makes one wonder what the plans for the MHCPs, and I suppose Cardinal and any other ambiguously-canon less-developed "MHCPs" are?...
4/12/2018 c3 facecake98
still loving this fic, especially Klein and the Fuurin-mobile! I will assume that he and his 'vehicle' will be used to rescue Sachi and the rest of the Black Cats?
4/12/2018 c3 Damasco
He's totally going to end up romancing those two godesses that were said to have created Aincrad, isn't he? And, at one point in this story, the pun will be intentional (I hope). Great story BTW.
4/12/2018 c3 4Zaralann
This was absolutely fabulous!
Please more and soon!
This is one of your best stories so far, right after 'One Punch-Gamer'!
4/12/2018 c3 20Apex85
Its always a pleasant treat to see the Best Elf get her due. You completely captured what I loved about her here.

Loved the references to Ainsground.

And of course, the humor.

The bath scene already had me bust a gut, as was every scene with Kizmel's forwardness. Just imagining how she and Strea will get along leaves me eager.

Don't think I'll ever get tired of the Fuurinkazan entrances.

And Kirito's Alter Ego was so cliched it had me rolling on the floor XD
4/12/2018 c3 10TheRangerBoy
Another hilarious chapter!
4/12/2018 c3 FateBurn
Excellent chapter, loved the whole intro of Kizmel into the story. Specially with her being so blunt about their situation while the human are still in denial.
4/12/2018 c3 32SeerKing
OK, loving this. More skills, please! Also seeing things from Sugu's perspective since the start of SAO would make a nice interlude.
4/12/2018 c3 3Speedyquader
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA THAT WAS GREAT! I'd forgotten Kizmel existed, mostly because almost nobody ever bothers to include that plot. References are amazing, keep it up!
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