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10/25/2022 c1 team-ispire-weirdoll
this is one is mega sweet
12/1/2021 c1 RukiYuki
aww Ren ... there you go dear boi
10/27/2021 c1 7miss mika namariya
this is adorable! I love how you wrote Ren's inner thoughts and LOLed at him being like "I cannot possibly reveal my romantic incompetence on TV". Amazing and so sweet!
5/7/2020 c1 42Callisto Nicol
That was precious! I love that it was something as simple as him caring deeply about her as a friend that opened her chest of feelings. And what a great answer to a question obviously intended to make him confess his feelings. _
4/4/2020 c1 120claraowl
5/8/2019 c1 Rebkkah
Please continue this. I'm hooked already.
11/6/2018 c1 3laelruin
Awe! She's finally got it! Open that heart up!
5/8/2018 c1 More please
This is a great story you have! I love the way you phrased and arranged everything. If you're teetering on whether to continue this or not, I place my vote in the YES direction.
4/23/2018 c1 sayucchi1
i need a confession in this amazing story
4/12/2018 c1 1fanfictionloverXL
I need more...I am ravenous for more...FEED ME MORE OF THIS. I need it in my life.
4/2/2018 c1 Guest
Love for it to continue
4/2/2018 c1 cleocat333
Well done! & I really really really wish this was Not a one shot. Are you sure you can't keep going? 1 or 2 or 3 more chapters? Finish this love story? Please? Well (but not yet) done! (hint hint)
4/1/2018 c1 93ktoll9
That is Adorable. Great job and very possible. 8)
4/1/2018 c1 Countingloyalties
4/1/2018 c1 393mutemuia
I loved it! A nice way for Kyoko to dare to think there is much more in their relationship.
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