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for Born to Conquer

3/18/2022 c6 5C3nterF0ld
I liked this, and was hype cause you said you had some h/bl and when I checked there was nothing and now I'm sadstill gonna favorite tho cause I enjoy this type of story a lot
9/27/2021 c1 whiz65kid
The bartender of the Little Whiskey is a guy named Joan?
3/26/2021 c6 4Chaos Snow Kitsune
I've read this fic far too many times over the past 3 years. Definitely would like to see more of this eventually.

That is of course if you are still doing alright. I hope so as from what little I've seen with this fic you have potential to be a great writer on here.

Not that I'm trying to pressure you or anything I just thought I'd let you know how much I enjoyed you fic is all.

Either way I hope you are doing alright after what your author notes have said.
3/10/2021 c1 Bostonette
Ugh. Thank goodness you haven’t updated. You have Harry put the bitch in her place one second then let himself get walked over the next. How can no one write these stories correctly.
2/8/2021 c6 George1892
That was a fun fic. Is it abandoned or should I follow it?
12/16/2020 c6 Bablezmith
Holy Hell! That was awesome.
I sincerely hope you continue this some day.

This is one of the best Harry grabbing fate by the
balls and demanding parity fics I've ever read.

Well done.
9/3/2020 c6 christjp05
This has been a great ride so far and I don’t want it to be over. I hope you are doing well recovering and surrounded by friends family and good cheer. I hear happiness and good thoughts of friends and the future aid in healing by keeping you mind bent On healing and not giving up. I love that Harry is pushing the sheep around and getting his barbs in and doing what Dumbledore has failed to do so far. And I love Harry and Tonks together. Harry is far too mature for his age for any of the girls he knows. Although I also am an avid shipper of Harry and Susan bones but I have read too many fictions With them together where he just ends up happy and loved. Now I am rambling. I hope to see an update soon. This has been going too well to stop.
5/25/2020 c1 9Covley Hatake
Loving the story did follow incase you return.
1/27/2020 c6 17nagiten
hope you are ok
8/10/2019 c6 Abbadon44
Really like the story so far!
6/4/2019 c6 3draehydraxis
A good story so far and am looking forward to more of it. I wouldn't mind some suggestions for reads as I have read 'we're in this together' some time back but I read so much I couldn't give you an exact time frame.
5/1/2019 c6 7ThatCrazyBrit94
Its a shame this isnt continued.
4/29/2019 c6 Dakdak2016
love this so far cant wait for more
3/27/2019 c6 cormag81
Awesome story so far and I'm hoping it continues. Keep up the great work
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