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10/28/2020 c9 lara.niric
Absolutely love it so far and can't wait for future updates.
10/14/2020 c7 Joykillthewolf
Sorry my beans but SUCK IT DEKU SHALL BE A HERO!
10/14/2020 c3 Joykillthewolf
I will LOOSE IT if Bakugou finds the freaking key-
10/14/2020 c9 Mr.Necros
I truly love this Cause of the Unique idea and I wish to see this continue
10/14/2020 c5 MillieBelle
You mean "Ares," not "Aires"
10/14/2020 c1 MillieBelle
Why is Leo the king of the Zodiacs? He's just the leader of the 12 Zaodiacs, not king. The Celestial Spirit King is the king of all spirits, including the zodiacs.
10/12/2020 c9 SentinalSlice
I don’t know why but I don’t want Izuku to be friendly with his parents. They kidnapped him from his normal life, he already has a mom and a name. Even if they didn’t mean to lose Izuku that doesn’t give them the right to kidnap him. Or have any say in his life.
10/12/2020 c9 8The Keeper of Worlds
LOL-Mom Aquarius is hilarious. And Katsuki being that serious is gonna be big.
10/12/2020 c9 Shia Rephic
YAYYYY WELCOME BACKK! And lol they better not try to get Izuku out of Aquarius’s arms cause I can imagine that she wouldn’t hesitate to drown or tail slap anyone who comes near her

Thanks for the chapter!
10/12/2020 c9 Shaedy Hoe
that guy that adopted your story done butchered it. He/she cannot write for shit! the all the sentences start with small letters, most of the words ain't even spelled right, and the dialogue look like WhatsApp chat logs or screenshots. Its just awful!
10/11/2020 c7 mhunter632
i would like to adopt this story i like this story very very much please tell me the characters names and the plot of the story to ill post it on wattpad
10/11/2020 c8 mhunter632
dude this is a good story! if this was put on hold i could adopt it and write more i have plently of ideas for this plus i like this story please update this one
6/1/2020 c8 Cyber-RK18
Boo bad ending much that just a cliffhanger
4/24/2020 c8 The Keeper of Worlds
Sweet lord that boy may reach Nirvana after restraining himself for even five minutes into that talk. True enlightenment and wisdom from NOT destroying all in sight.
4/22/2020 c8 Yuki-Sendou27
I've reread this a few times now, and still love it. it's so adorable, cute, awesome, and it really draws you in
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