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6/1/2020 c8 4Cyber-RK18
Boo bad ending much that just a cliffhanger
4/24/2020 c8 8The Keeper of Worlds
Sweet lord that boy may reach Nirvana after restraining himself for even five minutes into that talk. True enlightenment and wisdom from NOT destroying all in sight.
4/22/2020 c8 Yuki-Sendou27
I've reread this a few times now, and still love it. it's so adorable, cute, awesome, and it really draws you in
3/16/2020 c8 Shia Rephic
YOU WROTE MORE CAUSE THIS IS AMAZING AND I LOVE YOU PLATONICALLY FOR THIS like Wahhhhhh this is so cute and exciting to read about! Keep the the great work!
3/13/2020 c8 Guest
More please
3/13/2020 c8 2ringoshirayuki9
Who adopted this? Please I want to know
3/13/2020 c8 3Phoenixcatch7
I'm just picturing scorpio and am just awkwardly standing a metre apart, both clinging onto tiny izuku XD. Poor inko... Thanks for updating!
3/13/2020 c8 3arcobalenox27
3/12/2020 c8 2Sgt117
Why would you label it as complete when the ending clearly shows it isn't, with no indication of a sequel?
3/12/2020 c8 Hylyssa
Because continue or not this is fantastic and honestly worth the wait if you decide to continue with this crack taken seriously fanfic.
3/12/2020 c8 1BudBear5110
because you made an awesome story please keep continuing it please
3/12/2020 c8 24Blitza
Because for many of us, this is a favorite story?
3/7/2020 c7 Guest
Beautiful simply beautiful can’t wait for new stuff to pop in here and momma Aquarius gonna be so protective
2/11/2020 c7 9dragonqueen909
interesting plot
2/7/2020 c7 unknown slyer
pls continue
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