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2/9/2019 c1 Guest
Good ending.
4/1/2018 c1 coduss
lol, i know that feel man. i know that feel. playing through that game and having everything go up in smoke (literally), burned me more than the bombs burned Hope county. dont know wtf the guys at Ubi were thinking, especially since, with all far cry's being in a linear timeline, a nuclear war basically means no more far cry games. hell, even the other ending isnt all that great, as thanks to Sheriff McADD needing the radio on while he drives you end up going into a berzerker rage and killing all your officer friends because of Jacobs brainwashing bullshit while the rest of your friends are left in the hands of Joseph as brainwashed zombies. that ending was also super sketch, cause the nuke didnt go off.

personally, i think a better ending would be the deputy just straight up icing mr. "apparently really touched by god all along", and escaping with all his friends to a bunker, and for that typical far cry twist they all start to look to the for what to do, like the Peggies did to Joseph. I'll admit, it sounds a little rough, but i bet if Ubisoft had time they could have worked out a better version of that...honestly, i dont really care TOO much about the county, it's really just my buddies...i always get attached to NPC's like that, and having them killed off when i can do nothing about it just burns me

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