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for Moon (Rewrite)

10/13/2018 c8 AndyTheBooksnake24
This is one of the best stories I've ever read and I'm crying and I hardly ever cry for stories but this hit really close to home and I love it and I identify with this way too much and thank you for writing this
4/8/2018 c1 5MagicalGirl4
*gasp* Nooo... Ah, it's a shame. Hopefully you'll be able to write for this story still, even if the lyrics aren't included.
4/8/2018 c1 catspats31
The story is good, but since it has the copied lyrics of various songs like "Hymn To Her" by The Pretenders, it breaks the following part of the Content Guidelines:

Actions not allowed:
3. Copying from a previously published work (including musical lyrics) not in the public domain.

Please remove all of the copied lyrics from your story because the owners of this site have no legal permission from the songwriters.

And in case you're wondering when and why that rule is made, here is the background information. Back on April 27, 2005, the admins put this message on the front page regarding songfics:

In addition, [this site] would like to address a growing problem. For whatever reason, some writers feel it's okay to copy-n-paste musical lyrics they have not written into their fiction. If you did not write it, do not post it. This has always been our policy. Please remove these entries immediately to avoid account closure.

Keep in mind that "public domain" means something that has expired copyrights, like Shakespearean works. And disclaimers don't cut it for song lyrics. Not even changing a few words from the original song will be enough.
4/5/2018 c4 Anonymous Person
Basically Adrien's akumarized form caused no physical harm but rather brought emotions specifically romantic ones to the surface. Though the downside was without the light the opposite happened those former happy, loving emotions are changed into feelings of sadness and isolation. Essentially he shows the ups and downs of a truly loving relationship. Honestly that is incredibly sad.
4/3/2018 c3 MagicalGirl4
I seriously love the fact that this particular akuma is making happy. It's so unique and it also makes me smile. Finally, She has arrived! I can't wait to see what's been happening behind the scenes, as you say.
4/3/2018 c2 MagicalGirl4
Ah, this makes me feel so sorry for Adrien, yet so intrigued. I love the set up and the style you chose to write in. The way the previous chapter ended was also brilliant.
4/3/2018 c1 Prince Chrom
Moon, really. That's the name he chose. Also I hope it gets more chapters, that was a really sad place to stop.
4/2/2018 c1 Cinder
I agree with Plagg

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