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6/27 c41 KingSparda
Fuck I hate the fact that I came into this knowing the sequel wasn’t ever going to come and that I knew the ending was going to be open but fucking hell the story was good and I fell for it
5/6 c16 Vanshika
Heyyy I don't even know if you're gonna reply but trust me this is the third time I'm reading madness within and holly shit each time it makes me cry like trust me I don't cry or feel emotional that easily after watching movies but this one damn. You're an amazing writer the way you elaborate and explain the evnts just creates the exact scene in form of a beautiful picture in my mind. I really love your work and i really love you please keep writing
5/4 c41 Eire
I enjoyed reading what you put up. Even if you never come back to this story I want to thank you. Hope all is well.
4/18 c34 curryboh
What does itmean "suddenly felt like they were all made out of titanium"?
Titanium is nearly indestructible, and lightweight.
Maybe Tungsten if you meant rigit and heavy, it's the Densest metal known, used for cutting Other metals.
3/22 c41 Guest
I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with so many toxic comments. I just found this and really enjoyed the writing. Hope one day I’ll get to read it further. If not that’s okay as long as you are healthy. I recently lost my dad and deal with anxiety and depression so I understand how overwhelming things can be. Hope you are well.
3/15 c40 Guest
2022 if being the development of the story is too slow. Marinette should be Ladybug again. Chat Noir learns the truth.
1/31 c1 Firepolly
11/24/2021 c41 Rooster0972
Loved the story. Sure like to see the mental repercussions of decisions and how it affected their life. Congratulations on finishing part 1. Hope your inspiration comes back to continue on
11/22/2021 c20 Rooster0972
Love the story. Really enjoy the character development and how they respond to interactions. Looking forward to the rest of the chapters.
11/16/2021 c41 Guest
this is actually amazing. like, so many emotions, so many tears its actually ridiculous. very excited for the sequel and I just feel so overwhelmed liekb ajshndbsha its SO GOOD
11/9/2021 c41 Running Bug
Screw the losers who criticized you...
You, dear Pixie have got talent that people like me would kill to have...
I found myself learning to know more...
The emotions...the feels...the 'what could have beens'...
Trust me when I say...Your sequel is what I'm waiting for right ow...

Lots of Love
MLBCN Fanatic
11/9/2021 c21 Running Bug
This is the happiest chapter yet and it's brightening my mood!
11/8/2021 c8 Running Bug
This story...so intense...a psychological thriller, my friend! You have me hooked!
They're all borderline insane!
10/24/2021 c41 Roxypockets1
I just found this story and binged it as fast as I could, it’s amazing and the development in every level is powerful. I absolutely adore this and Km so excited for part two!

And I also wanted give you a freaking trophy for calling out the impatient haters on their shit. It’s not something I see often and do I’m so proud of for doing that. I’m freaking celebrating you and cheering you on in my little corner of the world. Hell yes, you rock, you amazing, powerful person, you!

And I’m so sorry you felt the need to do so and to justify it with information on your personal life. I hope they’ve calmed down but I’m so sorry you felt pressured to share all the things you’re going through. You have my 100000% support forever and always. I sincerely wish you and your family well.

Thank you for gracing us with your writing.
10/8/2021 c41 jennyjuni18
i can't believe it ppl have grown so inhumane i mean i get it some of them r frustrated on the author for not updating but u have to appreciate her works...i bet maximum ppl who are criticizing can't even write a proper one shot...i am new to this fandom but sometimes i feel ashamed to be a part of this fandom because of ppl like this...despite many of you being welcoming towards me i can't get that family vibe which i get in other fandoms where i can speak my heart out without thinking twice or adding an extra filter... abusive behavior towards someone who is providing entertainment to you without anything in return is such a bad and childish behavior...
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