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12h c41 Endi
This is well written and I am so so sorry that you had to endure such abusive comments. My birthday was yesterday and I wanted to finish reading this story then as I went on a straight up binge to get to the end. It's so addicting and the way you write is absolutely stunning! I hope that one day you come back to do the second part of this but otherwise, please take care and put yourself first. We'll always be here for you and support whatever decision you make with this. Love and light :)
5/11 c41 TasharniW
I just finished and oh my goodness this is hands down the best fanfic I have ever read. I’m extremely excited to see what you come up with next, I really hope you do come back to write more on this amazing story. You’re a fantastic writer xx
5/6 c1 Reader011118
This may be the number one best written story on FanFiction... and I’ve been on here for 10 years. The intricacies of plot and deepness of feelings is just astonishingly beautiful. Your writing style is phenomenal. Take all the time you need, as a fellow writer I understand discouragement from a cluster of fans. It really sucks that some people are like that. Just work on you and when you’re ready your adoring fans will be here to read what you have next!
5/4 c1 Guest
I just wanna say that this is unbelievably good, every single chapter was astonishing. I hope you continue writing at your own pace, don’t listen to the toxic fandom, they’re a bunch of 12 year olds, I hope and pray there will be more and I wish you the best
5/3 c34 starcoLovr
This is AMAZING, literally the best Miraculous fanfic I’ve EVER read, I binged it in a few days. Will there ever be more?
5/2 c41 Guest
Hi I just wanted to say that this story is really great and it’s definitely got me hooked, I can’t wait to see it continue. I love this story so much! Keep it up!
4/9 c40 P10ter25
Why the best miraculous stories always don't have an ending?
3/30 c41 1An Angry Welshie
This is my favourite fix ever! (And I’ve read my fair share) you write everything so beautifully and I can’t believe I’m as invested as I am and can’t wait for the next part. I’m so sorry about all the negative comments your getting. Take as much time as you need! You’re awesome!
3/23 c1 Karensshi1
this ia such an amazing story. im sorry about the toxic fans. maybe theyre kids!
3/20 c40 1Hina99
Not me binging this entire fic in 2 days ... What an amazing journey! The angst, the drama, the tension, the KISS! Can’t wait to see where you take this in Part 2. Wishing you good health in these crazy times xx
3/17 c41 Guest
Ignore all the haters and abuse. What you have written is amazing i have read this story a few times now and it hits me everytime its amazing :) just do what you are doing its your story and also hopefully it all improves for yourself too :) just thought id give youa little positivity to try balance the negative
3/16 c41 Edgar2122
Just found this story and it was honestly one of the best ones I’ve read. You did an amazing job with this. Hopefully you manage to continue it some day but you should definitely focus on your life first. Hope everything turned out well for you. And hopefully there’s also less inconsiderate people annoying you. But yeah that’s it for me. Have a good day
3/15 c41 lolwewillnvrknow
o m g this is just the best series everrrr amazing work thank you for the continuation for 2 years Lub ya bubs
3/7 c38 Guest
love you
2/22 c26 hallllllp
welp alya i tink u deserve it sorry if me sounds rood
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