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12/26/2021 c10 Smalllibero21
Noooooo I need more
8/31/2021 c10 Gemma
I found this by accident and absolutely fell in love. U are an amazing writer! Whomp, battles and plot are all incredibly written and interesting!
And I’m so sorry with what had happened over the time it takes u to right. I am in honour roles, so I do know the pain that comes with the responsibility. I have yet to spiral but by next year it is likely to happen. Honestly, just keep writing it doesn’t matter how long it will take, as long as you continue to write about something you love. It always makes it easier.
And if u ever feel like spiraling or ur mental health takes a turn, then try music. Idk why but music has this healing quality, and it seriously helps.
Specifically a Korean band known as BTS, seems to have the best impact. There music is based around the worlds hardships and the world greatest ways. And listening helps.
I’m rooting for you!
- Gemma B
8/5/2021 c10 JustRandom
Hi! I remember finding this a few weeks ago, I was so disappointed when I got to chapter 9 and it wasn't updated, but here you are! I love the story, please keep writing :D
11/4/2020 c9 Person123456123
Update please xxx
11/4/2020 c6 Person123456123
Hi, I’m really loving this soooo much! But I am one of those annoying people who like correcting people with grammar! XD So when you out this sentence “ They made there way through the ship for what seemed like hours (but was only about 20 minutes) when they found the escape pods.” When you said ‘there’ you should have put ‘their’ because that ‘there’ means ‘over there’ and this ‘their’ means ‘it’s their injury’ the injury belongs to them. I’m rly sorry if this annoys u bc I know I have a lot to do but I just thought I’d help! Tysm for writing this tho it’s a really good read.
11/4/2020 c1 Person123456123
Noooooo not Lance! My baby!
7/10/2020 c9 2Angel of the Honey Bees
Thank you for the new chapter! Sending good vibes your way! :)
7/9/2020 c9 Anonymous Guest Abandoned
That was awful, but so good. I think I might have serious issues. Well done!
7/2/2020 c9 Shiranai Atsune
Yey! A new update!
2/1/2020 c8 Mystery
Pleeeeeeaaaaaase Pleeeeeeaaaaaase Pleeeeeeaaaaaase Pleeeeeeaaaaaase Pleeeeeeaaaaaase Pleeeeeeaaaaaase
Finish the story!
11/14/2019 c8 No one
Finish the story
You're giving me anxiety
It always happens: I find a really good story and then the person doesn't finish it!

5/25/2019 c8 Anonymous Guest Abandoned
This is so good. That’s awful that they dropped you from the Honors program. I hope you continue this, you’re doing an amazing job!
3/7/2019 c8 Guest
This was a rlly neat story, but it ended on a cliffhanger and that annoys me. I know ur trying ur best, but will there be more after this chapter?
2/16/2019 c1 Solivant
Yes. Finally. Someone has used "whet" correctly. I've search high and low, and it comes up in fanfiction of all things. Good story so far, loving the writing!
12/24/2018 c7 Mystery Name
Please do another chapter
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