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for By the People For the People (Kancolle Edition)

6/23/2019 c19 3Imperator of Metal
I hope it's not unashamed to recommend three in one time: Kirishima, Nachi, Bismarck. Have a nice day!
5/10/2019 c19 ONEnONLY
2/8/2019 c19 4TheAzureKnight
Do Fubuki next.
1/24/2019 c19 KusoTeitoku
Nice, how about mutsu next?
1/15/2019 c19 11TamariMizu
Cute pairing AD,

Kongou isn't exactly my cup of tea rimshot, but she is entertaining nonetheless. I like how you toned down her more extreme antics from the anime and made her still quirky but very giving and lovable. A fun read as always.

Keep Writing,

1/13/2019 c19 1Stuka87
Ahh, classic Burning Love. Can we have one with Johnston next?
1/13/2019 c19 Killroy122496
Man gotta love Kongou she is one of waifu people want the most and she does love the Admiral also long time no see wanted to ask if we could get Enterprise aka the Grey Ghost in the next chapter
1/13/2019 c19 28ijnfleetadmiral
Who wouldn't feel better coming home and finding Kongo waiting on them dressed like that?
10/24/2018 c18 11TamariMizu
Hi everyone!

AD, thanks so much for writing a shipfic for the prickly ship maiden Yamashiro. She is such an interesting change from most of the Deredere, Tsundere, and Kuudere kanmusu in KanColle.

A few notes:

1. I love how Fusou blows up the Maitre-D's podium with a witty one-liner! By the time she is introduced upbraiding Dixon, it is clear that she has come a long way from the mousy, passive character that she starts out as. Having her and Shigure as gleeful matchmakers is beyond adorable.

2. The Southern Fleet reconstruction is a brilliant idea (I wish I had thought of that). Admiral Nishimura would have thought it was a fitting tribute to his doomed armada.

3. I like how the sisters were summoned together; as inseparable together as fleet maidens as they were in their service to the IJN and subsequent sinking. In actual history both sister ships languished in the backwaters of the fleet, being too outdated and flawed for front line service. Innumerable refits did little to rectify their design flaws, and their crews hating being on clunky, ill-maintained has-beens (which explains a lot of their emotional hangups of being unlucky and maligned battleships). They were only used in the Leyte battle because the Japanese empire was running out of capable ships. Your story clearly shows how the story is as much about the filial love between Fusou and Yamashiro though thick and thin, as it is about the romance.

4. It's great to have my favorite shipgirl Shigure be an integral part of Dixon's plan to acclimate the Fusou sisters to the modern world. She is the tragic girl that I feel the most strongly for, and Dixon knew having her act as his liaison was just as much (if not more) about healing Shigure's absolutely tormented survivor's guilt as it was helping getting the Southern fleet integrated as a team again.

This story made me smile, and bit misty eyed. One of your best chapters (not that I'm biased or anything).

Keep writing!

10/23/2018 c18 1Stuka87
Man, he got wrecked harder than the Americans at Savo Island
10/22/2018 c18 1zelta-nine
who's cutting onions?
10/13/2018 c1 zelta-nine
admiral x enterprise plz
10/11/2018 c16 11TamariMizu
Hi AD,

Funny and touching slice of life KanColle stories as always.

1) Iowa would definitely be fun personified. Being a baseball fanatic fits her like a glove! She is boisterous but kind. She shouldn't be maligned as much as she is by the Occidental fandom, Engrish notwithstanding.

2) Taihou is such a sweetie. She is adorable and driven to prove herself as her IJN career was inglorious at best. She is an uncommon pairing so this was a treat.

3) Tirpitz is hysterical. All I can do is quote Katy Perry's Vegas song: "Why are these lights so bright? Oh, did we get hitched last night, dressed up like Elvis? Why, am I wearing your class ring?"

Bravo! Encore!


P.S. Yamashiro wants me to relay to you, "Admiral, I hope you have not forgotten about my story, although it would be entirely understandable, given my pitiful luck. *Sigh* Such misfortune."

P.P.S. Fusou wants me to add, "Yamashiro, please let Admiral Fields do his job! My apologies kind sir, as your stories are a delight to read. Please forgive my clumsy imouto for her grousing, as she has had a hard past life. You have my sincerest appreciation."
9/28/2018 c16 1Stuka87
Man, that sounds like a load of fun
9/28/2018 c16 28ijnfleetadmiral
LOL What exactly DID they do?
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