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6/20/2022 c1 Bluevonne
this time I gree with Ron, If Kim is not scared fighting crazy people, putting her life in danger well may she will enjoy the movie. Also I like Kim going retro in this Date3
3/21/2020 c75 158writerchic16
And all is right in Middleton! Bonnie went too far this time, now she has to face the consequences. Nice wrap-up!
3/2/2020 c75 4CajunBear73
Love it when a plan...of Bonnie's doesn't come together...

3/2/2020 c74 CajunBear73
Once again...the villain going off on a monologue-rant saved the day!

3/2/2020 c73 CajunBear73
Sounds like Bonnie's about to triumph, eh?

More coming to the rescue, though.

3/2/2020 c72 CajunBear73
Setting up the Snarky high school queen, eh?

2/22/2020 c71 158writerchic16
I appreciate that Jim & Tim knew when Bonnie went too far. Hopefully they've learned a lesson about working with Kim's enemies. Also loved the part where Rufus went to play video games while Kim & Ron went on their date. Most pets would stay home, but not Rufus, he's got places to be!

So, will there be a final wrap-up chapter? Please?
2/13/2020 c49 writerchic16
The Drakken and Shego plot is my favorite story line. I love the idea of Drakken successfully building a suit to counteract Kim's. The comet angle was interesting too. Lol'ing at Ron needing to use the bathroom on a mission, I'm sure the issue's come up before. Sometimes they are in the villain's lair for a long time!
1/30/2020 c12 writerchic16
I'm liking this story so far! It makes me wish we got to see more of Bonnie and Junior as a couple. I can absolutely see her enjoying his money, and involving him in her rivalry with Kim. (Side note, I'd love to see her morals tested the longer she's under the Seniors' evil influence.) I like that you included in a Drakken plot too. And I didn't expect that twist to Bonnie's rumor troubles - I forgot that "AddressBook" came about around the time Kim graduated. It's cool that we get to see Middleton High react to the dawn of social media.
8/2/2019 c10 42Mr. Aanonymous
are there any lemons in this story?
6/27/2019 c1 36F86Sabre53
I wonder what Drakken and Bonnie have up their sleeves that could spoil Kim and Ron's date
5/27/2019 c14 Guest
It was Copernicus not Galileo.
5/17/2019 c71 4DisneyGirl24
Oh things are getting interesting please update!
5/17/2019 c71 4CajunBear73
But, can Ron save the day?


We'll see.

5/12/2019 c70 3PossibleFan22
Oh finally you updated and I loved it! Please update soon!

Will Kim go to jail? I'm very interested in what will happen next. Please update soon and don't make me wait as long please!

Very awesome writing, I love how you keep everyone in character. Update soon!
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