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6/7 c3 h.hadi.j
My god the amout of stupidity shirou showed in one paragraph is blinding he just revealed every single secret they had, and gave away every single advantage.
6/1 c18 LL the Phantom
I yearn for an update. This fic still has me return to reread the beautiful character interactions
5/24 c18 GilgameshZasshu
This was a great chap can’t wait for the next one!
5/23 c17 GilgameshZasshu
Was that the Emiya crest?!
5/21 c6 Jay-Not-So-Gay-Eleven
then... can they duplicate his heart, like, many times? lol
5/3 c4 1Dominatroy
I forgot to comment. But anyways can I just say that I love the comedic moments? I mean its not really comedy but I really enjoy them
5/3 c1 Dominatroy
Rin is so funny xd! But yeah this is interesting as f*ck.
On a sidenote I finally got the motivation to write on every single fanfic I am reading which I enjoy and this happened to be super good and I got the motivation too. thanks!
4/27 c4 22guest with a lot of ideas
It was never mentioned in the anime (I have not read the light novels) but Clarent has a similar bonus effect on 'saber-face' individuals like Jeanne due to how it was the weapon that killed King Arthur.
I always found it a little ironic that the best person for Mordred to fight with Clarnet, Jeanne, was one of the few people she never tried to pick a fight with.

Kudos so far on the story and writing.
4/19 c18 MassiveCollateralDamage
Hello there! I was searching for some good stuff to read, and this caught my eye. I've been loving this fic as I read it, the characters are so well done! I love how you're doing Shirou and Rin, and I also love that Shirou also got Dead Count Shapeshifter seals. But man, coming up to the cliffhanger was both so frustrating and so good! I look forward to future chapters!
2/25 c18 itzyendor
update plzzzzz
2/23 c1 itzyendor
update plz
2/11 c18 8Hikari-J
This chapter interaction between Shakespeare and Shirou is one for the ages. The whole war was worth it if only for those two to meet and the way you wrote it was beautifully well executed.

Absolutely incredible. I feel only Saver could help Shirou at that moment, as she encountered a similar dilemma between King and Human regarding the grail.
2/4 c4 Hagrief
That was... Awesome! I loved it. The fighting the dialogue and the grammar and wordplay!
1/12 c4 1Catalystx
Thos is a great fic i really hope it isnt a dead fic that would be a shame because i hate when great stories go unfinished
12/21/2021 c3 Guest
I can't take this dumbassery. I was hoping Emiya would have learned something from the previous war but nah. He's still that dumb ass naive brat who thinks he can save everyone.
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