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9/4/2021 c3 Alexander Lawliet
I love the fact that Karna will never not be the nicest guy in the rkom.
8/20/2021 c18 Shadowuser0112
Cool story, but it’s hard to keep a persons interest if it takes you more than half a year to update
7/23/2021 c18 3The Chad Lad
Next Chapter when?
7/21/2021 c8 5TemplarWarden
Okay... What the hell? After all the talk, all the standard secrecy around magus and servants and they just do all... That last chapter? Grandstanding and foolishness, it just seems really contrived of all things.
6/30/2021 c18 1Panzer0
This Is great I hope you continue this
6/28/2021 c18 yellowgoodboat
6/24/2021 c18 2comrade-elmo1
oh god Shakespeare mind breaking Shirou in the most unorthodox of ways to make him the ultimate antagonist to Amakusa
6/24/2021 c17 comrade-elmo1
lol Frankenstein and Caules thinking of using Astolfo as a meat sheild.
6/24/2021 c17 comrade-elmo1
haha Astolfo is sad Seig didn't turn into him.
Mordred:"why did you hate me father!"
Artoria:"I never did tho...you were trying to kill me, self defense
6/24/2021 c16 comrade-elmo1
hahahahahaha Shirou shape-shifts into Archer and has his voice as well...meaning he can sass Rin like if he was EMIYA Archer as well. it seems Shirou Emiya surrounds himself with people who can't help but save other people (Saber, Rin, Seig) even if they are tsundere's about it. lol Shirou:"being a servant feels amazing!" lol the way they convince Spartacus is hilarious.
6/24/2021 c15 comrade-elmo1
lol Fiore somehow managing to convince Spartacus to look at the bigger picture.
6/23/2021 c13 comrade-elmo1
hahahaha Mordred petting Atalanta. oh god Seig is looking up to Shirou a bit now...there's 2 of them now damn it! then again Seigfried wanted to become a 'hero of justice' as well so I guess Shirou was just speeding up the process of Seig becoming "Selfishly-selfless". saber says Shirou will not 'become' EMIYA even if does transform into EMIYA but Rin says EMIYA is already Shirou just a broken more cynical version of Shirou which is completely true, the reason EMIYA became EMIYA is because he wasn't able to save Saber's heart and was alone until he died, food for thought I guess.
6/23/2021 c12 comrade-elmo1
is...is Mordred a tsundere to Artoria? I guess...I mean they still wanna kill each other though? also Jack's death was a well written scene
6/23/2021 c10 comrade-elmo1
lol Rin is confused why Jack is a loli.
6/23/2021 c9 comrade-elmo1
lol Astolfo is a good singer according to Siegfried. ah yes Atalanta in a nun outfit. Mordred badmouthing Tristan lol.
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