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6/23/2021 c8 2comrade-elmo1
oh god imagine if Seig did inherit Shirou's dream to become a 'hero of justice' lol. haha it would be funny if Astolfo's sanity actually worked like that and if the moon was destroyed Astolfo would suddenly become like a 1000 IQ super genius. lol Seig calling Shirou "Mr. Emiya". Hahahahahahahah oh god Saber admitting her friendship can be bought for simply a good 2 course meal is hilarious. oh god Seig has no one who is completely sane to be a good role model.
6/23/2021 c7 comrade-elmo1
lol "Angry man you".
6/23/2021 c6 comrade-elmo1
lol Archer EMIYA and Shirou tolerating each other is technically making peace with thier own self. haha Shirou says 'Archer is over that phase' like if wanting to erase your own existence by killing your past self was just an edgy emo teen phase. ah yes Seigfried is gonna be a 'hero of justice'.
6/23/2021 c5 comrade-elmo1
haha Darnic is getting tired of calling them 'Periwinkle' while Vlad is like 'nah this is great'. oh god assasin is just dying from laughter. hahahahahaha Rin teaching Jeanne math and reading to do Leticia's homework. lol Saber thinks Shirou's food is heaven
6/23/2021 c4 comrade-elmo1
lol Shirou being like a good cop and Rin just saying "torture! give information!" haha Artoria getting caster Gilles PTSD and wanting to commit genocide against squids.
6/22/2021 c1 10HarmonyDST05
All around me are familiar faces. Familiar faces. Familiar faces.
6/21/2021 c1 Golden scp
ha ha
6/14/2021 c2 The Protector of the Universe
Nice juxtaposition between Shirou Kotomine, who's still so obsesses with the idea of saving everyone to the point of performing questionable actions, and Shirou Emiya, who realizes how unrealistic that goal is but still tries to save the people he can.
6/14/2021 c1 The Protector of the Universe
"Some ancient collective of demons possessing the long dead body of one of the greatest mages to ever practice the art about to complete a ritual more than a thousand years in the making that would erase all existence".
Laying it on a bit thick aren't you? After all, it's not like that could ever happen, right?
6/13/2021 c1 Axel363402
This is one of my favorite fate stories.
6/11/2021 c18 James Angelo Poquiz
Shakespear is annoying.
6/6/2021 c2 2comrade-elmo1
does this mean it's Shirou (Emiya) vs Shirou (Amakusa/Kotomine) time? Mapo Tofu
6/6/2021 c1 comrade-elmo1
hahahaha Shirou truly is the ultimate house husband. Rin, please figure out how to not completely fail at using slightly modern tech! hahahahah she's made Mapo Tofu. lol Zeltrech just keeps rhyming and he basically called the entirety of fate Apocropha boring. why does he like Burger King so much?
6/5/2021 c18 Tincho Arevalo
Me encanta este fic espero que lo continĂșes
6/2/2021 c18 1yuutojaden
Nice work. Hope you will update soon.
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