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for The Darkest Dungeon of Reamnant

12/1/2020 c1 6XXxxxadisxxxXX
I wanted to try this, but the abhorrent amount of typos and just basic misuse of the English language kills this story before it crawl let alone walk.
9/27/2020 c6 Supermath33
Finding that the DD crew are stupid rich is hilarious.
8/26/2020 c66 Zealot24
you know what if we could use 60% capacity of our brain... we could achieve sooo much and a Darkest Remnant 2...

but the big question i have is...

last time i played DD, HoundMaster is a man and a dog as a single unit... sooo how a dog can leave a human descendant... 400% stress revelation damage

ohh well i wish i could write more but limitations hit again
well i wish good luck and stay safe in 2020 and be ready for 2021! (T)/
8/26/2020 c66 Carre
1. Thanks for answers.
2. ...
... I dont know what to write...
...Just... Thank You for sharing this Story with us all.
Keep Up the Good Work (Washed Thumbs Up!)... no matter what you do next.
And again: Thank You.
8/26/2020 c66 5Crimson Weresloth
Damn it, now I want a sequel.
8/26/2020 c66 Imperial Stormtrooper
We have come a long way, btw is the crocodile still in the court?
8/25/2020 c66 Zombiedudecolletti
By the Man-Emperor I love this story so damn much it saddens me that it is over. But when one story ends another shall begin and this Inquisitor has hope that even more greatness awaits. The Eye will be watching.
8/25/2020 c66 brave kid
great story
8/25/2020 c66 2gold crown dragon
i suppose. this kind of ending is for the best, 3 years of long journey.
8/25/2020 c66 barrera2009
Answer your questions if i did answer yes i did vote officially, the review was posted before i voted so my bad, cant wait for another storie created by you hoprfully TFTB or RDR2 wins with another rwby story
8/25/2020 c65 Carre
1. Thanks for answers.
2. Heavy Metal Psycko-Velvet: ...Consider the "Isabelle and Doomguy Best Buddies" Fanarts:
Japp, wouldnt suprise me (Doomguys pet rabbit...or Velvet herself...)...
...And Monty Python...
3. a) No Dust?
...They are Doomed...
b) Dismas "situation" kinda reminds me of Harry Potter (both the movie and the book)...
c) (Claps Ruby and Winter on the air betwen their backs.)
4. ...Know you said "vote on the official page"...
So just commenting: Still standing for RWBYxGoT.
5. Keep Up the Good Work (Washed Thumbs Up!).
8/20/2020 c65 5Crimson Weresloth
Welp, one more to go. Wonder who survive the time skip.
8/20/2020 c65 barrera2009
Ima be honest Cheif this chapter was awesome! Too bad it has to come to a end though its a great story, anyway my vote for the new story is either the Red dead redemption 2 (the normal one, not online) X RWBY crossover or the Tales from the borderlands X RWBY because we never had one before there already a good RDR2 story so maybe a TFTB story might be great
8/17/2020 c64 Carre
1. Thanks for answers.
2. a) "Death is only the beginning": Guess this is one of those lines wich "who-said-it-first" is indeed Unknown (like you said)...
b) Psycko-Velvet Music: ...Personly, I am imagning some kinda Heavy Metal playing in the background... But I can at the same time imagne Hitchcocks "Psycko" as well.
c) Care to take a turn: (Carre shrugs) Sure.
d) (Carre salutes) Rest in Peace Klein. (Carre claps Weiss on her back.
Manyas as well, about Tradifs situation.
...Gives Ruby one later, depinding how it goes...)
3. ...Now that I am thinking about it, plenty of people HAVE already died before this... Shitestorm happended...
Part of me already wondered how they will recover from that.
(Heck, in some cynic moments, I wondered if half the poulation of Remnant was going to the grave in this Fic at some point or another...)
4. ...Do you remember when I mentioned I watched someones Playthrough of a Modded "Darkest Dungeon"?
Some of the commenters made some really good (basicly) fanfics of the charachters (dariys, memntos, codexes etc).
One, "written" by the Caretaker mention the Origin of the Countess. Or, should I say, the Vampire-Race as a whole (or, three Clans/Bloodlines, at least). I dont remmeber the exact detals (or wich video it was) but it began in Egypt, during the 10 Plauges of Egypt. In this case, when the Niles water turned to blood. Three beings drank the blood and became basicly the First Vampires (and kinda three Clans/Bloodlines): The Countess (mosqitto), one Dracula-like (not exactly his name but heavily implied and dont rember his "change") and one wich I had forgett.
...Zeolot24 thoery-speculation made me remind of that and I couldnt resist to share the info.
Sorry for rambling.
5. Keep Up the Good Work (Washed Thumbs Up!).
8/14/2020 c64 2gold crown dragon
The image of the Countess fiddleing with Scroll and Pc like a grandma vs new technology made me laugh a little.

Anyway, the plot darkens and it will become a uphill(SUPER uphill) battle for the cast.
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