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5/15/2019 c35 3Slavic Ancestor
Hey there, young man, your upload schedule is still more consistent then my life I see:) good to be alongside you in this developing story

Guess a squirrel with some cash is lucky is suppose.. lucky as it gets, but "i make mine own Luck" (Shay Cormac, bless his soul).

About 20 bucks from a squirrel, i am not Russian but close to it as it can get, im Belarusian and we have Belarusian rubels, not Russian rubels, so 1 dollar 2 Bel. rubels, you can count the rest:)

As a tradition [ ;) ] a wish, quick and simple, success in your endeavours of life.

Ain't no rest for the wicked, until we close our eyes for good.
5/4/2019 c34 Carre
1. Thanks for answers and discusion.
2. Nations of Anceastors thought wich hit me with a sledgehammer: Vestal (imagning as christians nuns)- Spain, perehps lived through the Reqounstinta (reqounqeuts/unification of Spain and the drivng out of the Jews and Muslims/Morerna (not sure what they were called in english) by the Christinas as well the rise of the inqiustion).
If undertanding the comic, perephs her "crime" wasnt not only broke her "non-sex-vow", but also in question loved a Jewish or Muslim, consider the anti-ness christian Spain had againts them.
Just a thought, use it, change it or throw it in the trashcan.
3. Translations: Thank You! (Thumbs Up!)
4. ...First The Smut Massacre (oh, and Bodicia is back...HIDE THE CHILDREN!) and now this mess (duel betwen Weiss and Audrey)...
What next? DD-crew, RWBY, JNPR, CFVY, Grimm (Salem included), DD-monsters and who-nots going to have a karoke evning together?!
...Just joking...
5. Huh, the nercomancer is going to show up some point, huh?
...Why are I seeing a Ghost-Summer...
6. Youre Chtullu/RWBY-story:
- Anything with the Dreamland or/and Locations (Arkham, The Ruins in the South Pole for example)?
- (Missplelling) The Necromonicum?
7. Keep Up the Good Work (Thumbs Up!).
5/1/2019 c34 Slavic Ancestor
Well... That chapter took a turn in a strange direction after the first half, but the acceptable one at that. Nothing much to be said and done but the "fist pump" made me have giggle, so that's a plus

I suppose that will aquatinted with the necromancer... Its fitting i suppose,'cause that location can be defined as ruins.. heh, convenient.

Summer is coming over, so is the finals, but do not s squander this fresh opportunity to finally prove your value;)

Bye for now, may lady Luck bestow her blessing on you.
4/27/2019 c33 Carre
1. Thanks for answers and discusion.
2. a)...Who is Zues (you are not talking about the greek God are you?)?
Have I missed something...(Apologies in that case)?
b) Contounie DD2-talk: That said (and forget mention it last time), hope for the (grim and gritty) comic style/art (the grafic) of the game pretty much stays the same. Part of the charm in mine opinion.
c) London burning: ...Did you just make a Yang...?
d) The BATIM/RWBY request story addums or ideas to use: ...For some reason, cant shake my head of the thoughts of:
- Sammy (or youre creation) leadin a flock of Inkpeople in worship of Salem instead of InkRWBY or Bendy (abondenden that worship, changed alligines).
-The Inkpeople in question is the First forms/anceastors of the Grimm (predating Remnant), and Salem herself is a (but still uniqie mind you) Inkpeople. You can say she have a "Bendy- relationship" with Ozpin in this Timeline ("The Creators lied to Us").
Heck, tecknicly, Team InkRWBY is kind of Grimm (...kinda freindly though, for the most time...).
That said, the existnece of these InkPeople/GrimmPeople are unknown, even to Ozpin. Large part, mostly those who dont belong the "Sammys" Flock, are not even hostile to humanity and faunus. Just want to be left alone (and/or be free/die...)...
Note: Salem cant control the Inkpeople, only the ones she herself creates (..."normal" Grimm) (or something like it) and are they are kinda imortal like her.
- The Inkmachine and/or Alt. Timeline: The Inkmachine (scource of the Grimm) was buildt in both Timelines, but the maincreation (Bendy and InkRWBY) (and perehps other charachters) was the differnce. That and how things played out with the machine and the world itself.
Remnants past- Bendy was created. If he still around, youre choice. Earth is reshaped on one point.
Other to Remnant- InkRWBY (no Bendy). Earth never was reshaped to Remnant.
- Aplogies for the ramblings, its ok if you cant write this story/ends up dont writing this story.
3. a) Liked the meeting Sun had with the his anceastor.
(...Dont tell me the hound is Neptune, consider their freindship and Shaggy and Scobby refernce...)
b) ...Will other nationalyties of the anceastors show up (Italy, Spain, Finnland(who were part of Sweden by this time, but you get what I mean), whatnot)?
c) "The Good, The Bad and the Ugly"(Clintan!) and "Judge Dredd" (the comics or/and movies?Read/seen both?).
4. Keep Up the Good Work (Thumbs Up!).
4/25/2019 c33 Slavic Ancestor
Hello bud, glad to hear from you, you know the drill:) fascinating chapter, as it always would be:)

Russian language is difficult by nature so it is also difficult to learn, and even harder to pinpoint exactly how to put words "right", but still you did Far better job than it could have been, and i understood what you tried to say

Actually I have similar situation so i do
understand ( at least i think I am, no-one can fully understand what others think and feel, and if someone think they do, then they are wrong), being trapped in the cage of expectations and drifting across the dark see of time you lose yourself in this expectations and after some time you ask yourself this "who really am i? Which mask of my being is who i am defined to be?..." And so on.. its rather dark really, but who said that the world is black and white? In the end it doesn't matter. I believe I have gotten overboard with my words, i believe that feeling of being in this kind of crossfire, even though in my case its little lesser and if i misunderstood you, then i am sorry, like it is sad - so much one man can handle by himself.

And for a parting wish: i wish you strength, strength to be better than others, strength to not give up, strength of mind and soul, and most importantly, strength to be yourself against the odds and make yourself proud.

This was yours truly, and i bid farewell
4/25/2019 c33 2buzzsaw935
i mean, i guess it will do, one other thing, are you gonna add modded classes? there are some really good ones
4/20/2019 c32 Carre
1. Thanks for answers and discusions.
2. a) MarriedTales have updated recently (two chapters by this time of writing)...
b) New DD-charachters: Monks or Ghurka-type of charachters is the only I come to think of. To early to tell, but for some reason, thinking the location will be some kind of Himalaya-setting.
Then a personal/mental question I have about "charachter-list" for the Game: Will it be the same gang from 1 or new ones (names, everone survided etc)...
c) Privet Eye: Sounds good (and the rest you said).
d) Wich London Burning:...Good Question...
3. ...Was going to mention this request in "A Rose over a shallow grave", but becuse of youre... problems with a ceartain Valkyrie... decided to wait to next time (aka, now)...
Blaming this one on listing on Youtube music:
- "Bendy Song (Gospel of Dismay)" and "Bendy and the Inkmachine song (Build our machine)" by DaGames
- "Welcome Home: A BATIM Animated Musical" by SquigglyPigg and GabeCastro
- "Cant be erased" by JT Machinima/Music
The Idea: You proboly guessed it: its a Bendy and the Inkmachine/RWBY Story.
The thing is the charachter-list and background history.
What if the animation of RWBY wasnt about Huntress and Grimm, but just a cartoon from the 1920-30ths (black and white cartoons), like Micky Mouse and others?
AND, as mentioned, was made in the 1920-30ths, not in 2000th (dont know when the show began airing).
-Team RWBY is Bendy: The Dancing Maidens (...or something like that...)or InkRWBY.
Note on them: They are the resucreated forms of their voice-actors (who are born earlier in this Earth) and they remembers it.
Two versions/sides: One) What I call Chibi version, the one you see in the cartoons and posters. Also the one form they are normaly in. Cute and Small, but yet creepy somehow...
Can fight in this form, but not as powerful as their Demonforms.
Two) Inkdemon version. The deformed teenage-demon form (think dishwasher1910 art of Grimm-versions of RWBY) wich maybe works as a semblance or something.
You can also say, its the form they use when they want to get serius or REALLY ANGRY.
Point is: One minute they are cute minies/Chibies versions of Normal RWBY, next minute ink stains and flows the halls while the Chibis changed to Inkdemons versions of RWBY, smiling manicly while they scare or/and beat the crap (even kill) of the ones (choughCardincough) who wronged them or wronged N(ormal)-RWBY, who InkRWBY takes a liking in.
- Monty Oum is Henry or stayes Henry or youre own choice
- Roster Teeth is Joye Drew Studiuos (or Jaquies or Ozpin) or stayes Joeys or youre choice.
- Not sure who Boris or Alice Angel(s) would be, if you even want to include them.
- Roman, Neo and ? or Cinder, Ember and Mercury as the Butcher Gang (or youre own choice if you want to include them).
Storywise, its like mine DD-story request. InkRWBY, after years of entrapment in the Inkmachine/Studeo, are sent (..somehow) to "Canon"-Remnant, there they meet and kinda befreinds with Team RWBY, but stayes untrustful of Ozpin who to them reminds to much of Joey just looking at him.
Insanity, dark homour, horror and other nonsens follows after that.
Realationship:...WhiteRose and Bumblebee for both RWBY and InkRWBY... buts thats youre choice.
Comedy Note: During the first meeting betwen InkRWBY (who are in Chibi form) and RWBY, the discusion "who is the copys?" brings up (from both groups).
Use this idea, change it, throw it or share it, youre choice.
4. Sorry for my ramblings and Keep Up the Good Work (Thumbs Up!).
4/21/2019 c32 buzzsaw935
Tardif x Neo, also, great chapter, nice work, one question though, will Roman die, cause if so that would kinda suck, he was awesome, they didn't do the man justice
4/20/2019 c32 3Slavic Ancestor
Greetings fellow dungeon dweller, glad to hear from you, about being absent - don't worry, we all were and will be in this situation, so much one man can handle and yet you found time to write and make us all happy, so thank you for your troubles красавчик, and now - the wish... What haven't i wished you?.. oh, ill wish you the thing that may all be seeking.. companionship - a bond of friendship greater then the sunset and more marvelous then the depths of seas.
(Might have gone overboard with it but worth it. And one more thing, just to be sure, you meant " you are strong as nails, you sonova bitch" os something else, btw not insulted no sweat:) so g'day wanker :)
4/16/2019 c31 JustAGuyOnCrack
good jeebus this story is good. keep it up you fine and handsome gentleman
4/9/2019 c31 2buzzsaw935
can't wait for more!
4/6/2019 c31 Carre
1. Thanks for answers and discusions.
2. a) Song: She my witch.
To be honest, didnt like that song or maybe how he "played" that song, but I kinda did liked the text though.
b) Games of Thronesing: MarriedTales? If I remember, will chech that writer up.
c) Wolverine as Tardif: (Also one of mine favs comic charachter, or at least movie one) Also true, thinking about it.
d) Kroner: ...No idea what you talking about...
Anyway we have (these days) 1, 2, 5 and 10 as metall coins/kroner (ex: en/one krona, tio/ten krona) and 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 as ...pappermoney? Not sure whats called in english, but we call it "sedlar" (ex. Twenty/Tjugo sedel, Houndred/Hundra sedel).
In slang we also say "spänn" (ex: "That thing costs 35 spänn") instead of kroner ("That will be 35 kr please"), like dough or bucks in english for money.
To answer youre question: The metall ones are sometimes throwed in wells, yeah.
e) Welsh: Or he followed a caravan (enterment, ziginare or whatnot) or simple moved later in life.
(Carre shrugs) Corect me if I am wrong, but people from England Welsh, Scotland and Ireland did move to each others country, right?
f) Kirston (and Wombag1786): Thanks for the translation (Thumbs Up and salute for both of you).
g) Kid and Tardif: - For some reason... thats sounds cute...
- Letter: (Dark houmur, partly Serius) Aw, already a good bounty hunter and making dad (Tardif) proud.
h) Darkest Dungeon comic: ...Now you saying it, yeah, wouldnt mind a book too/alternitiv.
i) Opinions from me
- Ruby and the Ren "scenarios" sounded intressting.
Cant decide on the Jaune and Weiss situaton becuse the burlseque sceneario sounds hilarios (in the begining) in both of them. But I cant get out of my head the picture of a Weiss sniper (or blushing Jaune in that theater)...: Jaune/burlesque and Weiss/Cowgirl scenarios.
The private investigater could be WW1 veteran (with his own mental problems becuse of it), like from the Video Game (Call of Chtullu), buts that youre choice.
The burlsesque part- King in Yellow? If I remember corectly He deals in theater and culture and could be a part there? (Have you seen the yellow sign?)
Cowgirl- That story about a Farm wich turns to a nightmare after a Starfall in the well or local "noble" family turned to monsters after years of inbreeding and isolation. Dont remember the names of these stories though. Or some local monster tied to the Indian culture (fic or real).
Will thinks some more but this is thoughts wich showed up in mine brain in the current time.
3. Uh, was going to ask about when Raven was going to show up (after or same time as the ...Party).
4. a)...Franz Josef Stalin? A la Souverov? (no idea about that one however.)
Are we talking about them or Grim who had been named after these?
...Man, that makes me REALLY wonder how the History played out in this Alt. Timeline.
b) Also wonder if WW1 and WW2 (if happended, the same war or stayed seperated) had a Ocult/Secret War in them as well.
Thought based upon Wolfenstein, Hellboy and Tannhauser.
5. Fire: Are we talking about the Great Fire of/in London (doesnt remember the date or the title)...?
6. ...Baba Yaga?...THE Baba Yaga? The House-walking-Hut- With-ChikenLegs Baba Yaga?
The Riding-apon- a- pillarthingy Baba Yaga? Baba Yaga from Russia?
7. Sun: Sun Wukong, the Monkey King... a part of me wished a DD charachter who reactaed to that fact that monkey boy shares the same name/title as East-Asias most popular myth-figure.
8. Keep Up the Good Work (Thumbs Up!) and ...(Carre scrathes his head...) (Carre simply decieds give you a lighty slap on you back) on youre Finals.
4/3/2019 c31 3Slavic Ancestor
Well... That's one way to cheese out a chapter if i say so myself ( and i say so ) . Thanks to you i am having a giggle from Tardif and your translation is quite accurate... Happy anniversary to you and us(?) readers cause damn time flies by so as life.. translation: "в тихом омуте черти водятся" is an old saying that (roughly) translates as " demons hide in quiet lakes" (not the most accurate translation but alright) which means that in most quiet and collected minds there may be the wildest animals/demons in one's head. So not to end on a grim note ill smt that annoys me, and that thing is the translation of my name on English. "Kirill" is written in passport but the correct translation is "Cyril" ( well.. got that outta the way:) anyways, the one can wish so much for the other, so God speed you magnificent bastard)
3/29/2019 c30 2gold crown dragon
look like Jaquest just made a deal with the devil,and oh its an "expensive" deal im sure of that.
3/28/2019 c1 the boltguard
this story and website will die if you do not spread the word stop article 13
spread this link anywhere you can people need to know
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