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8/11/2020 c64 Zealot24
well first i was not in sober state of mind... analgesic, antibiotic, lack of proper 8H of sleep and a toothache...

so i was trying to sleep when i had a random though that the countess was Dismas wife. why? if im not wrong i think one of the chapters i had read that she was wearing his Locket(and she had) and she had been corrupted somehow (and now if i had to spicy the things even more i would say it could be her mother and got corrupted[wish i could elaborate it more lol]). you know the random things your brain cook and weird dreams that keep you wake up at night... just the usual.

and LOL Countess going Xenomorph on Cinder?!

or maybe i got a crazy revelation like the Ancestor did but this revelation was for another reality(world/dimension) and not ours lol. well i a crazy idea to use it later.

well..just 2 more chapters right? ehmm anyways good luck and stay healthy in 2020 and ready yourself to 2021 just in case! (T)/
8/11/2020 c64 2Wom1
Saw 2 errors. You said Manya is fighting Manya when she shows up, and when you refer to cinder as Salem once when she was talking yo the countess.

Sad to see this series end after so long. Will have to reread this in a few months. Presumably rest in peace Dismas.
8/10/2020 c63 Carre
1. Thansk for answers.
2. a) Baltimore comics: ...If I didnt said it: I do recomend them (if you want to/intressted, of course).
b) "Death is only beginning": ...Thinking both of the movies "The Mummy" (Imothep) and "Sherlock Holmes" (Lord Blackwood) here...
c) The Flame thrower: ...Well, sure. Have it (Gives Wombag the flame thrower).
I suppose I have to ask some Imperiel Priest for a Sanctiened (...Holy) Flamer after all...
3. Psyko Velvet: ...(Carre runs away like Hin- Håle himself was after him)...
4. Bet:
- Jaqass dies (By the Beard of God and the Arse of the Devil, PLEASE!)(...by Flame-throwers!)
- You mentioned earlier about Weiss had to choose to save either Klein or Willow from the curse... as well, in that case, will live...
...Klein will die (will, just for a few seconds, resist the ..."insect(?)"/beast in himself, to let Weiss kill him), Willow will live...(...I sound very opptimistic here... but wouldnt suprise me still this were not to happen...)
- ...Tardif beats the crap of Adam...
- Pyrrha vs Cinder: Both dies...
- Sun vs Butler: Draw.
- Dismas vs Countess: ...Both dies.
-... Thats I have (to be honest, some of them I just guesses).
5. Keep Up the Good Work (Washed Thumbs Up!).
8/7/2020 c63 Zealot24
you know i was about to bombard you with 1 crazy conspiracy theory i had in mind but for that i would need read a certain chapter so i could feel more encouraged but i just cant put miself to do it...because life just decided to kick me in the nuts...(1 reason is i have to phisicaly attent to my english classes now... HELLO PEOPLE THE QUARENTINE IS NOT LIFTED YET. AND THIS THING IS NOT CATEGORIZED AS SIMPLE COLD.)

the keywords for my conspiracy theory are...
i not going to put the whole thing because it will *ruin* the fun if i end up correct. and if im wrong i will reveal it anyways :3.

anyways i will return later when my stress is not over the charts... so... good luck and stay safe out there... 2020 is not over and its better to prepare for 2021 because things can always get worse... and to end this i salute! (T)/
8/5/2020 c63 5Crimson Weresloth
Welp, looks like we'll be seeing characters dying. You know my beats.
8/5/2020 c63 2Wom1
So did Willow lose enough blood to die or was it stopped soon enough to be alive?
8/5/2020 c63 2gold crown dragon
Lets see if Oz remember his famous old tricks inclusing the 0 health point heal.
7/31/2020 c62 5Crimson Weresloth
Press F from Roman. Anyways, now I know what you meant in the PM
7/30/2020 c62 2Wom1
You might want to check the first half of the chapters consistancy for instance you said mercerys in the bull head with cinder.
7/30/2020 c62 Carre
1. Thanks for answers.
2. a) The Vote: Yeah, I did some checks now and then and saw many voting on the not- voteable storys. Not the first time I have seen it happen (even I commented those Storys sounded intressting...not voting them, but still).
b) The comic Baltimore: The group behind Hellboy(-Universe) made them, to start with.
And its starts with the end of WW1, but with a vampiric plauge instead of the Spanish Flue (Spanska Sjukan)... and demons, undead and witches (it should be mentioned, without to spoil to much of the Story).
3. ...Raganrök (of Vale) is here...
4. Kleins... new look: ...Oh skit...
5. ...Mercy-kill inded (poor luck, Bullet-Magnet-Roman...now rest in peace Roman)...
6. (3-4 chapters left, uh?) Keep Up the Good Work (Washed Thumbs Up!).
7/29/2020 c62 2gold crown dragon
That is not a man no matter evil ir good should go out. Pity...
7/23/2020 c61 Carre
1. Thanks for answers.
2. Speaking of Kaiser-reich-Lore (or the Story in this case): a) Is the poll finished (the one you put up when "A Rose over a shallow grave" was finished)?
b) Have you read the comic "Baltimore"? (Considering youre intresst in AU-History.)
3. ...(This chapter) Oh Helvete...Ragnarök of Vale has begun...
4. Keep Up the Good Work (Washed Thumbs Up!...and walks to place 58th in the "Beat-Jaqass-Line").
7/22/2020 c54 5TheNiemand
Its not "Ja, Wilkommen" but either "Gern geschehen" or "Bitte" "Keine Ursache" is also possible.
7/21/2020 c61 5Crimson Weresloth
Well, fuck.
7/20/2020 c61 2gold crown dragon
Ah yes. It begins then. How unbearably ominous.
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