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for The Darkest Dungeon of Reamnant

7/13/2020 c5 1WarWithoutEnd
Fuck, reading this has seriously got me in the mood for Darkest Dungeon.

Also, Dismas and Reynauld are best DD duo change my mind.
6/29/2020 c60 Carre
1. Thanks for answers.
2. a) Lust for Darkness is a Strange Game:...Never played it...only watched Walktrough on Youtube ("what was it about?")...
...and yeah...defently strange one game, alright...
b) The Flame- thrower to burn Jaqass: ...The military one, please...
3. Ruby is dressed as Dismas and Weiss as Winter: Was that based on the Fan-Comic there Ruby and Weiss dress up and act/roleplay as their big-sisters?
4. ...Manya sure is foulmouthed (wich, frankly, some kids these days are...)...
5. Yeah, saw the new poster- Fan-Art (I actually thought this was a another Fic for a second, until I looked at the athour- name), the artist made a good job (Washed Thumbs Up!).
6. Thanks for the Kaiserreich Lore! (Washed Thumbs Up!) (grumbles about Sweden being part of Russia...)
7. Keep Up the Good Work (Washed Thumbs Up!).
6/28/2020 c60 2VGBlackwing
Meh for Dismas rag tag group of misfits majority of them already know that illusion is st play considering they themselves witness and experienced it before so for bigby to say yang attack as self defense it a perfect example but it sucks because he is fucking the bot (which it going to die pretty soon lol) that is a semi daughter to ironwood...hmmmm still wondering how does that even work? Fucking a robot sure she could be synthetic but to the point that everywhere is...human like...how does he do it with the circuit's and wiring?...actually never mind I don't even want to picture it
6/7/2020 c59 Carre
1. Thanks for answers.
2. a) "Lust for Darksness": (Make a quik check on google)...Jepp.
b) OC: - Well, it was fun to try.
Also, thanks for liking it and Thanks for letting me try.
- Some things/thoughts wich I forgett, even never wrote down in mine original pappers:
Olof swears in differnt langueges (swedish, french, english, swahili (probloy misspelled that one), chinese you name), consider his time sailing the world. (I mean, after mine time studying german, I still swears in german now and then.)
Thought about mention that Olof visited/thought settling Chicago (read a article about that many swedish immagrants moved and lived in that city... and that basicly Chigagos pre-ruler, before Al Capone, was a swedish, Fred Lundin.).
Even thought about he visited Innsmouth (before or after it "died"/went to Hell, "Carre shrugs".).
c) Morsan and Farfar: Thanks (Carre claps on hand in the air behind Wombags back...consider the no-touching- people policy these days.).
d) Jaqass-beating: First I decided just watch the show.
...Then I remembered Kleins new "situation"...
...Can I have I Flamer instead?
e) Kaiser Cat Cinema: Cool. (I never played the game, "Hearts and Iron", not mine kinda game, but I found the Alt. Hist. Lore of Kaiserriech intressting, I will not deny that.)
Asked becuse, the thought popped up after some time when you made that "Maybe-Future-Fic"-list.
3. You who watched the show: Does Ciel shows up more?
4. Fairy Tales with brutality, horror and deaths: True, Dismas and company should (if we are going to go after youre "Darkest Dungeon"- is- on- alt-Earth- thought...wich I personly like and the same time still unsure about if it really is, but anyway) live/grow up with those. It was not until the... Grimm Brothers (unsure what the english title/name is) decided to...retcon(?), change the Tales to more child-freindly ones during the 1800s, when we got the Tales we think and read today...
...Sorry for rambling...
5. The Anceastors and whose the Descendents: Some was not of a suprise (Sun and Neptune, laughed at that one...), while some defently was suprise (Glynda as Vestal).
6. Keep Up the Good Work (Thumbs Up!).
6/4/2020 c59 2gold crown dragon
Well i did have a rough idea but i DID NOT see that coming.
6/2/2020 c58 Carre
1. Just a corection/add about Mom and Farfar:
- Mom was stuck in the hospital over a half month before she died (wich kinda was shortly after they discovered was REALLY wrong with her). When she was picked up, she had gall-stone. The next week something else and the next you get the idea.
Then, the day she nearly died and was moved to another hospital (who in turn asked what the Hell the earlier hospital had been doing with her) and tried to fix the problem (wich were also the reason she was moved to that hospital). Then she died.
It was either letting her live in pain a few years (in bed, I even think it was) or try and fix it (open one of the "pipes" to her heart) and give her (again) a few years but less pain (and she could still walk).
- Farfar was in the hospital a few days before we decided to shut off the machine wich kept him alive.
He and Farmor was in the hospital, he sitting in a wheelchair and just...passed out. The personal was alerted and he was brought to the "Main"-hospital (the one they orignial was in were a"little" one.).
2. Just wanted to clarify some things.
Vi höres.
6/1/2020 c58 Carre
1. Thanks for answers.
2. a) Sex-part and wich game: - (Hell?), Was "Agony" based on Lovecrafts work?
- Its the one with the sex-cult I am talking about (..and kinda travels to hell?).
b) Give up and give what I have thought, notes and writen about mine OC to you: ...Truth to be told, I have been debatting to myself to give up since Christmas.
So...yeah, You will get them. I will write them in the review- section of "RWBY Noir" during the week.
c) People I lost: Mom and Farfar/Grandpa (on father side).
- Mother died rougly 7 years ago. In short, it was diabetes (and idiotic nurses of the local hospital... she nearly died a day earlier becuse the care-nurse SOMEHOW missed mom had highlevel- diabetis!).
The "best" part? She died a few days after mine birthday and some days before Jul/Christmas. 18 December 2013.
- Farfar died... pretty much recently, by heart-stop (arrest?). He and grandma/Farmor was lucky they were in the hospital when it happend and not in the car (he was the one with driving-license...).
4 Oktober 2019.
- Unlike Ruby and Yang, I wasnt really young when they died. I was betwen 20-30s years old when it happened.
...And even if mine mental-problem is some kinda blessing in that way I easily goes used how the situation is... doesnt mean the pain doesnt exixsts becuse the it does... (I have just harder showing it...)
d) Jackass beating: ...Well, if its a line for it... truth to be told, I would happily stay out of it and watch the show.
3. a) Chibi- Tardif and Chibi- Manya are/is so (censored) funny... and cute!
b) Jays wish for Semblanche: ...Was that a Real Joker-refernce? (Joker/Laugh-gas?)
c) ...R.I.P. Klein...
d) Fun question: Have you watched the "Kaiser Cat Cinema" channel on Youtube? (Kaiserreich lore channel ...I think they even are the createors of the mod in question itself...? If not, they are at least Fan-creators of the Lore.)
Just a question wich hit me, but forgett to ask.
4. Sorry for rambling and Keep Up the Good Work (Washed Thumbs Up!).
5/27/2020 c58 Zealot24
The calm before the storm... and the killing antecipation... *loads MG42 and load of grenade in my belt* I DEMMAND ACTION, I DEMAND THE THRILL OF COMBAT, I DEMAND THE HARD EARNED VICTORY ONLY MAN WITH PURPOSE IN THEIR SOULS CAN ACHIEVE, I...
(this transmition was canceled for safety and sanity of our staff we apologize for any turmoil)

anyways Dismas being scared of a single mom... hmmm i dont know if is my daredevil/reckless side but i think he's start to lose his touch...also had Dismas found his head inside of a bag yes/no? that would be a fun.

D: have i told you the time i found my head inside of a bloodied bag?
everyone:(shocked pikachu face)
D: well it all started when...
(Jaunes start vomitating)

anyways its better i stop here before i write something even more stupid (if i havent already)
and with that i wish thee goood luck in these *Destructible Times*(innocent whistes) (T)/
5/27/2020 c58 gold crown dragon
Its normal for the in laws to do that...

Ah Adam, what a miserable piece of work you are. Dilussional, driven by hate, and last but not least to blind to see the worlds beside hate.
5/27/2020 c58 2VGBlackwing
Ah instead of having aura and sembleance Dismas just Acquired a Premonition and a deadly one but it not set in stone because there are chances to prevent or better yet outsmart his death

What i like about this chapter was Ruby and Yang saw the Bounty system one for killing Grimm and other receiving the heads of murderers and criminals but wha they need to know that playing hero and acting childish will never save people but more of the lines bring more deathes to the innocent they need to know that lives of scum must be sacrifice for the greater good no matter if it goes against your ideals there will be a crossroad the need to be cross or stay behind and be drain by Nativity of your actions and the sins of those you spare stack on you
5/25/2020 c57 Carre
1. This fight, betwen Qrow and Winter, is one of the reasons I dont like him.
2. ...Is it wrong that I want/hope to see more of Angry Willow...?
(Me reading Jaqass is here: ...Loads a shotgun, shoves up in Jaqass arse and pulls the trigger...)
3. Poison Ivy: ...Not talking about her right?
Serious though: hope you get well.
4. Keep Up the Good Work (Washed Thumbs Up!).
5/25/2020 c56 Carre
1. Dismas Dream: ...I am the only one who thinks of the Third Ghost from Charles Dickens "Cristmas Carol", after reading that.
2. Ruby visiting Summer: ...Understand (somewhat) how Ruby and Yang have it...
3. Circus: a) The new FLC?
b) ...Said/commented it before and I will do it again: Jay is the Joker...
4. Tardif Jr (or how do you say it when its a girl?) is here!
5. ...From the looks of it: R.I.P Illia (Carre sighs...)... and the City...
6. Keep Up the Good Work (Washed Thumbs Up!).
5/25/2020 c55 Carre
1. Sorry for being late!
(Mine mind havnt been the best latly.)
2. Marvin Seo Mod: (Take a quike look, before answers) Yeah, them.
3. a) Well, Neo looked she had Fun...
b) (Late) Question: Is Snieg snow in another langue? If it is, wich one?
c) The Schnees, Dismas and Rubys sitiuation: ...Well, that got worse (O.O)...
d)"Tainted Love": ...Intressting choice.
e) ...Bigby being hunted by an angry Ironwood: (Youngster fleeing from the Father whose girl he, the youngster, slept with) Classic (Washed Thumbs Up!).
(...Altough a part of me thought the personel would join the Hunt as well...)
4. The "RWBY-Noir" part:
First: ...W.T.H.?! What was Slaanesh doing there?!
Second: Its kinda remind me of a game (wich are being made or been realesed), a ...horror/erotica based upon something of Lovecrafts work, from what I understood it. Dont remember the info about it.
Third: Working on it (mine OC, finaly! writing it down). (Facepalming myself)...Cant say if I finsh it before or during Summer. Apologies (Carre Bows in aplogy)
5. Keep Up the Good Work (Thumbs Up!).
5/23/2020 c57 Emerald899
Great chapter! I can feel the buildup towards the fall and I can't wait to see the entire plot unfurl! Thanks for offering a good read during a troubling time. Also to the comment below me a bit of advice always read atleast ten chapters of a story before commenting on large scale themes.
5/21/2020 c2 Yinko
See, this chapter highlights the problem you (and many stories like this) have. RWBY is a very bright world, where anything realistic about life or conflict are swept under the rug, worse than a disney cartoon, mixing that with a more violent setting gives you three choices, and some don't work well at all.

Effectively, you can; make the characters of the violent setting fit into the brighter setting, darken the setting to fit the darker characters, or facilitate dissonance between then (light setting, dark insert characters). Most fanfic authors want the insert characters to attend Beacon, because they are unimaginative, as a result they choose the first option, which is also the worst. It creates a situation where characters are forced to tone down their power and behavior for no real explainable reason and you quickly end up with a mess of plot holes.
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