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for The Darkest Dungeon of Reamnant

5/18/2020 c56 2Aizzec
NO! I've caught up!
5/18/2020 c56 Zealot24

"huge mistery" like a puzzle where 1 piece is given to you each day but after 2 or 3 days the progress is literaly undone if no new pieces are given, but the pieces are still there and you have to put them back together...

if only my english classes had higher quality maybe my motivation would've been higher and my english in general would've been better...and together with some other factors i would have exposed the secret... poor me sometimes i can only see shadows in the darkness but i cant make anything usefull out of it most of the time _.

"place your bets..." maybe a Victory from Jaws of defeat for our heros maybe...or Entropy

anyways stay healthy in this troublesome times and good luck (T)/
5/18/2020 c56 10Stormtide Leviathan
Glad to see your in the final stretch! Keep up the good work!
5/13/2020 c55 2gold crown dragon
"a change oh heart and blood."

well that does not sound ominous what so ever.
5/13/2020 c55 Zealot24
a date ruined, Weiss mind in lockdown and someone in a few moments from being eaten...alive.

and aparently the Robogirl and animal Hulk had a date waaaaay tooooo perfect for their own good...and if she is a robogirl...how it works... i mean hmmm ehhh... well i guess someone decided to be thorough with his... job... well i WOULNDT COMPLAIN IF IT WAS ME LOL

reads the extras... well enjoy the lemons lifes gives to you.

"P.S, I can't speak... not anymore" WHATT? now im very my curiosity reached higher levels!

anyways stay safe and healthy! good luck! (T)/
5/4/2020 c54 5Crimson Weresloth
Well I finally caught up
4/5/2020 c22 2The Falling Knight
That quote sounds like what Joshua Graham said in Fallout New Vegas: Honest Hearts
4/3/2020 c54 Carre
1. Thanks for answers and Good to know you have it pretty well (by that, I mean you aint gettin this Djävla Corona-skit).
2. The Curent Date Night situation: ...With the exeption of Bigby and Pennys (so far), this Night went South pretty fast...
3. Questions: a) ...Might have forgotten about it, but is/have the Collector showed up yet?
...Or is Wick that "guy" in disguise and not Torchwicks anceastor...?
...Or both?!...
b) Will the ghost of the Heiress show up again?
4. Comment: Have/Still watching a playthrough, "Moddest Darkest Dungeon" with ChristopherOdd on Youtube (wich also part of the reason I asked the earlier questions), and these videos made think.
(Heck, it made me even finally decide to buy the game, but apperntly I dont have the grafic card to play it...Helvete...)
...Sad that some of the mod-classes didnt make it to this Fic (I remember you mentioned you were/are not gonna use the Modds- parts), becuse some of them would been intressting.
-The Sisters (Two souls fights over one body. Thinking of the Novel Blake reads and mentions, when you meet her the first, or second, time.)
- The Duchess (...Some kinda freindly? Vampire/bloodsucker who have a grudge against the Court, if I understand it.)
...For mention the examples of those wich stuck me like a sledgehammer (and whose could been in this Fic).
Note: This isnt a request, just a comment.
5. Keep Up the Good Work (Washed Tumbs Up!).
3/27/2020 c54 2VGBlackwing
Sigh...no rest for the wicked even if that wicked saved people from being bloodthirsty monsters...welp that the price of being a Highwayman and a hero as well sure suck alot but it could be worse...going to say thwt everytime something bad happens not going tonbe surprise if some civilian idiot blames huntress or huntsman for their problem like the destroyed wall of vale really surprised thwt no one actually voiced their complaint to vale council or pretty much anyonefor the lost of life and homes considering it was Team Rwby fault for playing hero and not go for the logical reasons like asking a veteran huntsman for help considering they jump start the destruction of the wall fast
3/27/2020 c54 Zealot24
Remenber the sanity i mentioned? My computer died, Corona is in town and my computer repairs were slowed down alot (24days and nothing) almost a month of celibate! Hell is everywhere! Everywhere! And reading brought a smile. Well this old pile of bonés wish you good Luck (T)/! Cant wait for the Next chapter... Did mentioned that my internet slowed
down during this Crysis ? Cant think properly...fAaaaints
3/27/2020 c54 2gold crown dragon
See? The W.F are certefied date crasher. They have PHD on that topic.
And thank god your able to upload wombag! I was reading all of my novel collection like a possesd mad man and playing DOOM eternal have not even quench my thirst for online literature!
3/7/2020 c53 Emerald899
Is the guest seriously here aswell? Wombag ignore the Iluvgrace guy he's been spamming that shit over every semi popular RWBY fanfic writer for awhile now.
2/20/2020 c53 Guest
guest reviews wont me turned off you NIGGER so go read "i luvgrace420" stories now before i fucking GUT YOU
2/16/2020 c53 Carre
1. Thanks for answers.
2. a) RWBY, JNPR and more, geting in to the Mental- house: Yeah...
b) Swedish translation: Still feeling unsure about it, but thanks.
c) Weiss chosing Willow or Klein: ...Oboy, this is gona be rough one...
3. Date night, huh?
Looks like a good start...
4. ...Is Bodicia a daughter of a Viking-settler(s) on Ireland?
...Consider she did just speak swedish? (And I kinda forgett how this AU-timeline was culturaly and wich year/centurary it was.)
5. If Ironwood acts like this about Penny and Bigby...
...Do I really want to know how Pennys dad (...dont remember his name) would act...
(Carre thinks about it in one second)
6. Keep Up the Good Work (Thumbs Up!).
2/15/2020 c53 Zealot24
when life give you lemons you throw them at zerglings... hmm, hmm, ohhh sorry wrong universe!

anyways i kinda have the puzzle complete...it just i didnt put much brain effort but it doesnt help when i havent seen mention or remenber of *maps in global scale* to compare landmarks/regions etc...

The word "descendant" comes close to hmm (auto-censor) and Time and i vaguely remenber in the flashback (I COULD BE WRONG not checking because i like to take small gambles with my memory) that someone,someone could be alive after some misfortune and apply that to more than 1 individual.(i could be WRONG right now[you speaking Russian and i speaking polish])

anyways i was thinking *is this a new character?* and the second i see smith still fresh in my memory "that is a Schnee" 3 options Weiss,Winter or their mother Willow(? thats her name?) and 3 seconds later D and W are having a secret dinner that probably someone is going to ruin it and im not talking of R&W. and Weiss breaking her pinker promise in both senses(?)... damn i wish i could be that devoted to task where breaking my own finger meant nothing lol

so our discount Hulk was launched in the air and hes going to have a date with AstroGirl? i wonder how that will turn out.

anyways my sanity is sliping away and before i go nuts... good luck (T)/
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