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1/20 c25 Colleen Landauer
Lovely. Wish your story was longer. You are so good at staying true to the characters. Thank you for all of these stories.
1/20 c24 Colleen Landauer
Wonderful! I always want more. Wish you’d write some longer stories!
1/17 c11 Colleen Landauer
Another awesome story. You are a great writer.
1/16 c10 Colleen Landauer
Love this story! You are a great writer of Caskett!
1/16 c7 Colleen Landauer
Very well written. Could have been a fabulous addition to the tv episode!
1/16 c6 Colleen Landauer
8/5/2022 c24 Genie
I enjoyed your fic immensely. I cleared the angst that developed at the hotel suite.
Thank you.
12/23/2021 c25 ksatan624
All these stories are beautiful, fun (Castle naked on the horse..LOL) moving (letter from Royce on the plane back); all very beautiful. You have a real talent. Thank you for writing again. To you and to all the readers, always fans of "Casket" I wish a very happy Christmas.
6/28/2021 c25 Guest
these are very good. you should continue :)
4/17/2021 c25 LittleBoxes101
Spent my days off reading this. This is particularly great after a Castle rewatch, reading a world where all the things we hoped would happen did. Excuse me, whilst I make my way through your other works.
10/16/2020 c25 Muscovy
Brilliant! So beautiful - just perfect.
9/20/2020 c7 NotStupidJustHuman
This is amazingly well written. Captured the characters perfectly. Would love it if you could continue this through another chapter or a separate AU story.
7/6/2020 c25 Tom Knutson
WOW! Very good story. Please keep writing.
7/5/2020 c24 11vaso.caskett
Another great one! :)
6/30/2020 c25 Lyn
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