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for Dancing Across Enemy Lines

3/20/2019 c5 9Blairx6661
Did not expect to find this today but I'm so glad I did (i read the previous version before lol). This looks good so far and I'm looking forward to morexx
6/6/2018 c5 Guest
Love it love it
5/29/2018 c3 RavenMadison
I guess the Step Up Fandom doesn't have that many fanatics or something. Otherwise I don't really get how there's only 15 reviews for this fic. Kid Darkness is the hottest character that anyone has ever created for any movie. Nobody fight me on this. It's true. It's so sad that he had so little screentime in the actual Step Up 3 movie though. But that's why I'm here. And thank goodness this story exists cuz I have no idea what I'd do with my obsession with him.
5/25/2018 c5 Guest
I love it! Wow Julien~
5/13/2018 c5 Liv
Casting Cloud as Kid Darkness is the best thing that ever happened. This fanfic of Kid Darkness is the second best thing to have ever happened. This is the only fic I like of him, and surprisingly Julien too
5/12/2018 c5 Guest
Oo I like this! Curious to see where the story is headed
5/10/2018 c5 emi
Nice story
5/9/2018 c3 Guest
Bruh Kid Darkness is one attractive character. Makes me wish he was real...
5/4/2018 c5 reader846535389
I can't understand why this story doesn't have more reviews. It's bloody brilliant. Whoo Kid Darkness and Julian! My two faves! About time someone wrote their love story.
5/4/2018 c5 moon
So good that your OCs are amazingly talented dancers. It makes more sense and they fit waaay better into the whole movie. Wish I was a dancer
5/4/2018 c4 moon
Amazing interactions with the whole cast. - sigh -
Love love love Hailee and Danielle. Go girls! Go get yo men! Or rather let them get YOU
5/4/2018 c3 moon
Oh man they are all so in character. This is spot on. And YEEES KID DARKNESS I LOVE YOU. This chapter is too short for me! It's so good. I'm gonna go cry now
5/4/2018 c2 moon
So interesting. Great start great writing. Usually I get bored of fanfics but THIS one is so good. Now gimme some Kid Darkness. Gimme gimme gimme
5/4/2018 c1 moon
7 years ago! That's such a long time. So glad you're coming back. The fanfiction world NEEDS writers like you
5/4/2018 c3 Guest
This is so good. Hallo someone make this into a movie right now. And call up Cloud to be the lead. He needs to be a celebrity serious. He's too hot.
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