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4/28 c6 Guest
Will there be a chapter featuring Banjo and Kazooie?
3/4/2019 c4 Guest
Try Tengoku Jackson. A man who took on a quiz show as a child. His powers would be from the power ups from Space Invaders Extreme and I guess he would be a Tech Element guy. Not sure of what is his weapon of choice is but I already explained powers he uses. Maybe Jackson is bald guy just like the bald man you see somewhere in You don't know Jack.
3/4/2019 c5 14FireFlamerx9z
Awesome! Also I know that you are having Stealth Elf talk like her game self, but because of how much I love it, I can't unhear Ashley Tisdale because of the Netflix show. Anyways, keep up the great work!
2/24/2019 c1 Carlos
Please read the sequel of KHTNV.
2/20/2019 c4 FireFlamerx9z
I need this as a real game. Like NOW!
8/8/2018 c3 Portal Pat
Kaos is back again, huh? Figures. I wonder what is the next chapter to this super story. Is Wario going to be on Bowser's team? I just don't know
8/1/2018 c3 FireFlamerx9z
I love the fact that Kaos needs to use Hypno-Shades to get any girl to be within 20 feet of him and not be a Skylander. Also, is the Callie the one being brainwashed(I'm expecting snark from Marie if that's the cast) or did Marie not get away? Also, do you think you are going to do any crossover couples or no? Anyways great chapter and I love how it's set up like a video game!
5/15/2018 c2 Guest
I wonder where Mario was sent flying off to no thanks to Infinite and Bowser. Can not wait for next chapter and hopefully I will understand where Mario crash landed after getting his butt kicked by Infinite and I hope that mustachioed mascot is OK. Bye.
5/13/2018 c2 FireFlamerx9z
And the stakes are raised! Keep going! This story is awesome!
5/12/2018 c1 FireFlamerx9z
This looks awesome! You already got two of my favorite games(Skylanders and Splatoon) in here. Please continue!
4/24/2018 c1 Guest
What is next huh? Bowser resurrecting Asriel Dreemurr?

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