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for Bleach Rebirth of the Guardian

5h c24 primalparadox
An entire hoard of ridiculously needy women desperate for his time, that also come with endless obligations, ensuring that he never has a moments peace let alone any free time.

He may or may not be in the Underworld but he's certainly found Hell.
1/31 c67 Acrux The Northern Mage
Hope you're doing ok as it's closing in on a year without an update. I'm really looking forward to the next chapter.
1/26 c12 primalparadox
Ichigo would really find Rias ignoring what he says and coming to a strange conclusion based on his "ignorance" extremely irritating, it feels to me like your Ichigo is a little bit of a doormat, which the original wouldn't put up with. Don't get me wrong, it's your story you write it how you want but just in case you don't see it the same way I thought an outside perspective might help.

Also you just had Ichigo use his Getsuga Tenshou in the middle of a populated city without hesitation. The very first time he ever used it, when he was MASSIVELY weaker than he is now, it destroyed an area similar to an entire street at minimum. He got stronger and regularly had to fight hollows in his town, there is just no way he'd fire that move off in a town, he'd kill everyone. The spiritual pressure alone would be seriously dangerous to the normal people that live there.
This one really doesn't make sense unless Ichigo is weaker than when he first gained his powers, as in pre-shikai let alone bankai, yeah? Is that deliberate?
1/15 c67 Guest
You spelled bowl, as bowel… lmao
1/10 c25 Guest
Boobs are overrated I'm an ass man don't get me wrong don't like flat chested need some boobs
1/9 c11 2Brave2000
The armor ichigo has is exactly the one he has as a fullbringer in canon. Does that mean he has fullbringer abilities now as well?
1/2 c15 Spartenpride11
Can’t wait till my boi ichigo goes bankai
1/2 c1 1fluffy-fanfic-lover
i really hope you are ok and are working on the next chapter really looking forward to what you choose to do next
1/1 c67 Susanno27
one of the best stories that I've ever read, hope you continue soon bro
12/24/2022 c38 kageknuser2710
Ichigo's speech gave me the chills!
12/21/2022 c23 kageknuser2710
I seriously hope that 'White' stays in his lane. I did not enjoy the scene where he kissed Akeno, and it almost made me scream NTR. I hope this soul sharing he did, is not going to create a similar scene with Rias.
I get that he is part of Ichigo's soul, but that just makes it feel like Shadow Clone action, which is a milder NTR that I seriously don't care to read about.
Anyway, the story is interesting, and I'm looking forward to see which way it develops. I haven't seen any alarming tags in the description, so I am hopeful.
12/21/2022 c13 kageknuser2710
Never mind my last question, I wrote it mid chapter, so I didn't have the full picture haha
Really great story! I am enjoying it immensely :)
12/21/2022 c12 kageknuser2710
Was he restored to full power? Because he should have been able to wipe all of them out alone after the Winter War.
12/20/2022 c18 Guest
Ok rereading this I noticed one thing that doesn’t really add up why is serafall the head of foreign affairs keeping the peace between the 72 pillars that’s a domestic affairs problem which means sirzechs problem as on top of being the leader of group is head of domestic affairs while ajuka is head of research and tech and the other guy whose name escapes me is head of the military
12/15/2022 c67 3Storylover213
So loving this story best I've read so far for a Bleach/DxD crossover hope you start posting more again soon!
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