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for Bleach Rebirth of the Guardian

9h c39 cassnova5424
despite world break kinda sucking, Ouroboros is one of my favorite anime spells, nice reference
17h c23 3Damien Evermere
so in the words of Alucard abridged "his powers are bullshit?"
20h c19 cassnova5424
never seen issei get hit with reality before...me likey
20h c17 Damien Evermere
It is a Hawk I believe
21h c18 cassnova5424
#sorry tier wins for me
8/4 c58 Zathol
Oh yes it is much to serious to write an omake. So much drama, so much near tragedies! The woes! The struggles...THE FEAR! OH THE INHUMANITY! Brain don't fail me now! The author just threw down a challenge! I can read between the lines! I can read the words on the lines to! I can even read them from the other side of the page!

All right let's see what I got. But for the record as hot as Tia/Tier is her personality is not much to go on. I mean from what I remember of her personality is very little to more an observer and controlled in expressing anything outside calm until she fought ice boy.

OMAKE TIME! - Take One - The Hole...led to a different hole?

"Rias! Don't go through the HOLE!" Ichigo stretched a hand in alarm as she was flying towards it.
"I have to save Koneko!"
"You won't come out at the same destination-and she's gone..."He sighed bringing his hand down.
Orihime johs up to his side, "She went into the Hole didn't she..." She groaned softly into her hand.
Ichigo nods looking blankly at the Hole.
Uh guys shouldn't we got after her? What's the problem?" Issei asked as the others of the group joined them in worry.
If you never been through the Hole before then you might not appear at same place.
"...So where is Buchou?"
Ichigo ran a hand through his hair looking sheepish.
"Well, we are Japan so that would mean she is appearing in-


Rias flew out of the darkness of the Hole and appeared on the other side ready for combat only...to see it was day time and near some tribal festival!?

She notices the looks she was getting and decided to ask where she was.

"Um excuse me! Where is this? I am kind of lost." She said lamely. As she saw no white haired rook in sight.

"Your in Paraguay!"
"...Paraguay? Where is Paraguay?!" She yelled out as she also just noticed the Hole she came out of was gone!

Back in Japan...

"She's probably somewhere in Brazil. If you don't have a destination in mind then you appear directly on other side of the world from your current position."
"Wait so you can get her right?"
"Nope. My Hole is always set to hueco mundo, don't know why."
"Then how do we get her back!?"
"Well she either opens a Hole herself or she flies all the way back..."

Back with Rias...

Rias was crying as her inner hollow devil consoled her. "There there, not everyone can make a Hole at the start..."
"WAAAA! How do I get back home!" She cried.

Okay was at first trying to do that MMD The Hole one but couldn't make it work. Not satisfied with this one.

-TAKE TWO!- Invading hueco mundo...again!

Ichigo kicks down the door only to see...His girlfriend laying on the smooth thighs of the queen being petted.
"Oi! That's my girlfriend! Give her back!"
She stares blankly before continues to petting her knew pet.
"I found her and she is my new pet cat. Besides she likes it here."
Off to the side Mila Rose bit her thumb at she looked on in jealousy as her position being usurped by the smaller cuter cat girl! It wasn't fair! She's been loyal! Why was she cast to the side for that flat chested pure white kitty!?
"Koneko! Get over here!"
Koneko was in lala land so she didn't hear her boyfriend...
Ichigo growled as Tier just gave him a look that said nothing at all with how blank it was yet said he lost.
Ichigo was not sure how he would explain that he lost ownership of Koneko to his friends...
Mila Rose cozied up to him surprising him as he looked down only to meet the eyes of a clearly abandoned women looking for a new master.
"Looks like you got a vacancy for the catgirl position, I happen to be recently jobless perhaps we can work something out...Nya?" She looked at him with hopeful eyes.
Hour later...

"Guy's I'm back! And I brought Koneko!" Ichigo yelled at the group who came running as he appeared through the tear in the dimension.
They all skidded to a stop as what came behind him...was not Koneko.
Koneko was a short, small chested cutie. This was a tall, busty, dark skinned women with a hole in her abdomen.
"Uh Ichigo...that isn't Koneko." Issei pointing out what everyone was thinking.
Ichigo huffed as if he didn't believe it but he would play his part.
"Of course it is! She went through a growth spurt. See look!" Hands her a lolly pop.
Mila Rose sticks it in her mouth and with all the enthusiasm she could muster said, "Yay...candy...Nyaaaaa..."
...What the fuck dude..." Kiba said.

Okay better. I think I am regaining some of my inspiration!

But I can do better!

-TAKE THREE- I Demand.

Ichigo and the Queen of hueco mundo stand on opposing sides.
"I demand my Cat girlfriend back!"
"I demand sex." Tier said simply.
"Okay" Ichigo relented. Negotiations Successful.
Ichigo would later be proud of his first step from resoirting to violence first and his first step into politics. Got girlfriend back, got new girlfriend and allies. And people thought he was only good at fighting. Ha!

End. BRIIIIIILIANT! I forgo complex situations that are either semi amusing or not amusing, I forgo ongoing dialogue with short and simple ones! Third time is the charm!

Read'em and weep, fanboy913!

Omake - Totally ripped these off.

- Ichigo stands in front of the giant door that was not here the last time he invaded.
He stared and stared until he stared banging his fist on the door screaming.
"Let me in. LET ME IIIIIIIIN!"

- Onii-chan~
*sound of choking*
"Onii-chan~ I need my headpats Onii-chan~" Said Yuzu.
"I"ll let you hold my hand and other lewd things but I need my headpats Onii-chan!" Yelled Yuzu.
"GLURK! GAK! FUCKING HELL I'LL PAT YOUR DAMN HEAD BUT STOP CHOKING ME!" Ichigo yelled at his crazy sister who had hearts for eyes! What is she turning into!?

Best I got. Only reading this chapter today, but good fight. The peerage really put their all and even now Rias is still fighting to give her friends time to recover. Good to see such a growth in her with her abilities and against such dangerous confrontations. I wonder if that feeling Koneko got to finish off the enemy by chasing after him was a push from god who knew she would survive and find herself in a potential ally of Ichigo. Sure I doubt it will be that easy but I am sure Tier and Ichigo might just hit it off as her aspect of death is sacrifice which Ichigo has shown quite clearly. Maybe some insight into how she survived from the fight with Toshiro.

Anyways as always look forward to more fights, another rescue and invasion into the lands of ever night. And wonder if anyone will make any comments about hating sand because it's course, rough, and irritating, and gets everywhere!

And of course the situation with Rukia and the 'weapon' she has liberated.

Hope at least one of the omake get's a pass. I shall have to wait and see.
7/31 c22 2AbyssDragonslayer777
So, the transformation that Ichigo used here is his new Shikai or his Balance Breaker since Zangetsu is a Sacred Gear here?
7/30 c30 DCosmicSage38
Two up and coming Super Devils and an anomaly and now they're going to be ban in the Rating Games as it will be unfair to other participants especially in the Youth Devil Rating Game Tournament. There's a reason why the Maou's peerage are not included in the Rating games. Seriously, you need to balance it out. Unless there's someone out there that are able to crush them. I hope that there's someone that will give them a challenge like real challenge. On the other side of the note, I like the harem part of the story, well done.
7/29 c25 DCosmicSage38
Let's fuckin gooooo
7/29 c23 DCosmicSage38
I've got to ask: if Rias status right now is Super Devil, what will be her status once she manage to have more control on her power. I'll not be surprise if she manage to reach the top 10 strongest supernatural being in dxd.
7/29 c20 DCosmicSage38
I guess you has a thing for lolis. It kinda bothered me at first, gotta admit that.
7/28 c32 Tenyo-dono
Yeah, Rias' peerage arcs are all so much more interesting! I really like how you are emphasizing all their tragedies and the wounds they've left, especially how you're handling Kiba's vengeance. I get the feeling with Sona and her peerage its just a bunch of kids playing around with romance, like it was weird that the date was basically Serafell's plan. It always feels low stakes, like they're being chauffeured at all times by Sona's family or their peerages, there's absolutely no threat. Everything is done on their dime or through their resources, there's just no stakes at all which makes them feel like kids. Also, it was honestly lackluster that Ichigo revealing his bankai happened in a fight with Sona's dad. The dad's explanation at the end made sense, but I really didn't care because it felt so much like a trope just being played straight, and never did it feel like there were any stakes since its never in doubt that Ichigo is far stronger. You do so well with the threat and tension elsewhere, but even being told there's political intrigue that may happen that storyline just has no presence. There's still a lot for me to read so maybe that changes, but for now I will just savour this arc, because it already feels like it's back to the actual plot in a sense, and it's just such great work!
7/28 c28 Tenyo-dono
I think I'm not much of a fan of Sona or any or her peerage from canon so it's hard for me to be invested in these arcs focusing on her, but your world building is great and I really enjoyed how you've handled Rias' side of things which makes me want to keep reading in spite of not finding Sona's side that compelling. Of particular note, what you're doing with Aizen and Yhwach is amazing, and by themselves enough to energize any story
7/27 c58 DropTheBoom
Oh, the reaction Tier will have to Familiar!Nel should be epic!

Ignore Nel's Fraccion please. The last thing you need is dumb and dumber running around screaming their heads off about YOUTH -wait, wrong fic -screaming their heads off running around . . . well, at all really.

Very good, carry on.

(If Tier's a hidden option for Ichigo, I vote yes please.)
7/27 c58 6Zyber Elthone
You mention making the heroes more heroic, etc., and that made me mollified in the (joking) idea that Rias is going to find Issei not only perfectly fine, but has also somehow seduced the Vasto Lorde he was supposed to be fighting. Issei's harem has gone from two to three.


Ichigo expected many things as he opened the garganta near where he could sense Koneko. He thought he was prepared for most of it, from finding Koneko fighting another army of Hollows, to even the worst case scenario (though deep in his heart, he knew if it was that, there was a near 100% chance of him flying into a red hazed genocide of rage and anguish).

What he did find though, brought him up short because it was not in the many possibilities he had considered. Such was his surprise that it wasn't until the anxious Rias bumped into his back that he finally took the step out of the void and into the world of the Hollows.

Koneko was fine. Or at least she didn't look injured. But she was currently sitting on a dark skinned and dark haired female Arrancar, and staring, unblinking, at another trio of female Arrancar who were all cowering -yes, cowering- atop one of the pillars in the room.

"Koneko!" Rias cried as she rushed into the new realm.

For her part, the white haired girl remained sitting on the Arrancar but her head snapped over so her unblinking golden eyes locked on to the redhead... For all of half a second before the pale Arrancar with two different eye colors moved a finger and Koneko's cat like eyes snapped back to them.

"Koneko?" Both Ichigo and Rias called her this time, in confusion at her behavior.

That is when the blonde on the pillar fully registered the new guests, and felt the power of the familiar orange haired male.

"You! The orange haired one! Take that demon cat away! Immediately! Before it makes that noise again!"

Seeing the Arrancar terrified left Ichigo confused, especially since he was sure she was stronger than Geimmjow ever was.

Just as he was about to ask what she was talking about, and Rias had reached Koneko to discover the Arrancar under her was very much alive but submissively still, the white haired nekoshou opened her mouth and emitted a clicking sound.

The Arrancar on the pillar, one of whom Ichigo was positive had been an Espada, all screamed and tried to hide behind the edge of their perch.


Eventually Ichigo resorted to picking Koneko up by the back of her neck, where she hung limply the whole way back to Earth.

As it turned out, she was in full cat mode because of a concussion, but returned to normal the moment Asia healed her. And the clicking sound was something that apparently some cats made when stalking prey. Why that freaked out the Arrancar, he had no idea.

Much later he would eventually learn that the Arrancar she had been sitting on was a feline themed Hollow, who had lost a staring contest with Koneko. Neither Koneko nor Kuroka would elaborate on what that had to do with anything that had been going on, though.

Ichigo (and Rias) would decide to chalk it up to a fever dream after all the stress later.
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