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for Potions Fume, Baby Boom, and Ministry Doom (Rewritten)

7/15/2021 c2 Guest
Update soon please
6/20/2021 c2 Razeus1
I think the best punishment for manipulative Dumby is to strip his magic until he's a squib (just barely enough magic to live on) and ship him off to a muggle mental asylum where they would Never believe anything he spews!
12/9/2020 c2 Guest
me gusto sigue escribiendo mas capĂ­tulos de este fanfiction.

Amicka Hearts Dracula.
11/10/2020 c1 Guest
Please update this is a really good story. I hope that you will continue this book and not decide to discontinue.
7/3/2020 c1 Guest
Are u going to update this again cuz if your not could u put it up for adoption so someone else can. I'm not trying to sound mean or anything like that. It's just such a good story so far that I want to see it finished to the end.
5/17/2020 c1 Guest
It's been awhile please update I'm dying to know what happens next
4/26/2020 c1 Guest
Please update soon
4/13/2020 c2 sinnysexer
gurly where is the SEX with malfoy and pottah? so short not like last story super sad
4/4/2020 c1 Guest
Please update soon this is the best
4/3/2020 c1 Guest
Please update
4/2/2020 c1 Guest
Are you updating soon cuz I would really love to see what happens next and everybody's reactions as well
2/9/2020 c2 Guest
Are you discontinuing this fanfic cuz if you are please just say so that we know and stop wasting our time waiting for this to be updated thanks
1/29/2020 c1 Guest
Please update this is amazing and I really liked the first one but this rewritten version so far has really caught my attention so please update soon
8/27/2019 c2 Guest
Harry, Hermione AND Theo should all flat out refuse. Wjy should they get married to people they don't want just because a POTIONS ACCIDENT caused by somebody else knocked them all up? They should ruin their lives with people they DON'T want to be with because of the babies? I say if the dads want the kids, they can take the kids and raise them by themselves, WITHOUT the 'mothers' and leave the moms alone after the kids are born
8/28/2019 c2 1Lover of Emotions
that is good. update soon please.
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