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7/27 c22 Princess-Naya
Wow. Any news on an update?
2/20 c22 babekitt
Elena is a piece of work. She’s more concerned about Bonnie living with Damon than Caroline losing her Mom. I really dislike vampire E. She’s so self centered. I hope Damon tells Bonnie that he wants her to stay bc he actually cares about her.
1/13 c22 freckled98
Leave it to Elena to put doubt in her mind. Damon will be pissed
1/10 c22 Guest
This is great
1/7 c22 DontSayno
Great chapter! I hope Damon grows a pair and figures out what he really wants, and go after it. ( it being Bonnie)
1/6 c22 DancesWithButterflies
Elena is a jealous schmuck!
1/6 c22 jerkchickenz
Great update.
9/28/2019 c21 9PiperBlue
I'm so taken with this fic, and can't wait for more! It's clear that Damon has feelings for Bonnie but it seems that he is conflicted and needs to fully reconcile his relationship with and his feelings for Elena. In the scene between DE in chapter 20, he got sidetracked from trying to get Elena to get back with him when he saw Jo and his need for figuring out what was going on with Bon took precedence, so there was no real resolution there. Whether or not E will want to reestablish what they had is still up in the air. Damon will need to be honest about all he's feeling with Bonnie and not make her feel like she's just a consolation prize because Elena (may or) may not want to be with him. I think Damon is the one who needs to make the choice to let Elena go, regardless of what Elena may say because anything else would make Bon a second choice, a fallback plan. And that is exactly what B does not want to be.

Anyway, a wonderful job so far, and I am excited for more! : )
6/18/2019 c21 babekitt
Damon is so confusing right now. Did he realize that Elena isnt the one for him? Or is he using Bonnie b/c Elena didnt run back to him? Im just not sure. One minute he's saying he loves E then he's kissing Bonnie. He better not mess this up. I would like to see a clear resolution of his feelings towards Elena. I dont want him using Bonnie as his rebound.
5/13/2019 c21 DontSayno
Damon, Damon, Damon, don't "F" this up...
5/13/2019 c21 freckled98
Caroline just lost her roommate to Damon.
5/9/2019 c21 Kamille King
Please let Damon work through his feelings for Elena, it's not fair to Bonnie. It's not right
5/8/2019 c21 jerkchickenz
Damon is confusing me here. He says he's in love with Elena yet he keeps macking on Bonnie on the side. And she lets him.
4/16/2019 c20 bsgfanatic
Really enjoying this story. Grafted? I love how Grams gave Damon her stamp of approval. I look forward to your next chapter.
3/14/2019 c20 freckled98
Wow, that was heavy for Damon.
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