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for Humanity (Season 1-3)

10/24/2020 c14 Susanne
Please update soon your story’s so good
7/1/2020 c14 PrincessMagic
lol love xx
7/1/2020 c13 PrincessMagic
Great chapter x
7/1/2020 c12 PrincessMagic
Brill x
7/1/2020 c10 PrincessMagic
Aww wow! X
7/1/2020 c9 PrincessMagic
Ooh love the idea of Zach!
6/30/2020 c8 PrincessMagic
Ooohwow great chapter! Love her relationship with Eliot and Sophie- very cute!
6/30/2020 c7 PrincessMagic
Awwww yes!
6/30/2020 c4 PrincessMagic
6/30/2020 c3 PrincessMagic
Yes! Great chapter and love her interactions with everyone!
6/30/2020 c2 PrincessMagic
Okay wow I love love love this! I've just got into Leverage and was looking for a fic just like this! Hope you continue! X
4/17/2020 c13 Jj
I would love if u kept carrying on with the story!
8/2/2019 c2 28Gilbert H. Karr
Good story so far. Just so you know— it is not Carabagio. Instead, the Italian painter’s name was Caravaggio. I can tell you care about what you write. Doing a little bit of research will help you get the details right. Looking forward to reading more.
3/1/2019 c4 Waltclyde75
It's ok to describe Hardison as the Hansom young black man (that's really why Parker likes him), Good job.
3/1/2019 c3 Waltclyde75
An exchange between Sophie and Blair could be funny...all the voices were on point I enjoyed this, looking forward to the next chapter.
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