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9/4 c4 Guest
Holy cheese balls this is the BEST rc9gn fic I’ve read in YEARS. I love how you still manage to capture everyone’s character while still including generous amounts of heart-wrenching angst ;w;

I can’t wait until the next update now that Howard’s gonna finds out the truth for himself!(hopefully)
9/3 c4 Lala Norisu
Howard going to rember that & wow that was real
7/4 c3 Lala Norisu
What wrong with Howard he mad on randy or he not want to be friend with randy . I hope nomicon forgive randy and Howard too
7/4 c3 Imagining Dreamer
So Randy gave Howard powers and it backfired and Randy had to wipe everyone's memory of him as some sort of punishment?
Seeing the Nomicon all angry like that makes me feel sad for Randy. Looking forward to seeing how he cleans up this huge mess.
6/5 c1 bukoparlour
i am gonna wait in my corner drowning in anticipation for the next chapter
5/6 c2 1TTGG03
Oh, wow. Are we going to get a new update soon? This is a great story.
5/4 c2 Lala Norisu
He need to rest and i hope he be ok
4/7 c1 28JayandNya4evr
I remember reading this on Ao3 a while back and boom I just found it here now! I'm super excited to see where this goes...what's up with Howard's memory and What's up with Randy?

So many questions...ahg you've just gotten me so hooked! I look forward to reading more. :)
4/6 c1 5Like A Pro 42
Oh! Is this an AU where Randy mind-wiped everyone into thinking he was a new kid? I understand mind-wiping Howard, as he always seems to get into danger from the adventures, but I wonder why the whole school. Maybe they found out his identity as the Ninja but the Nomicon liked Randy too much to get rid of him and allowed Randy a second chance by mind-wiping everyone (including his BFF). But that's my theory...

Anywhozzells, keep up the great work!
4/6 c1 Lala Norisu
Randy going to explain to howard or Howard found out . I can't wait next chapter

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