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for Spirit of Swords

7/7 c5 reptoholic
Has potential but this chapter was very choppy. I would suggest explaining what his power is and don't make him sound so weak.
7/7 c4 reptoholic
7/7 c3 reptoholic
Hahahah Yesss. Two pieces !
7/7 c2 reptoholic
Hope he is not a weakling and scared if females.
7/7 c1 reptoholic
12/24/2019 c5 WeebGod69
This story has my full attention well done,good luck I hope you update soon as well
9/14/2019 c5 Nitewolf423
How can it be a proper harem fic if he lost his compassion and sex drive because of it
8/24/2019 c5 Guest
Story started of great but seemed to fracture the moment the OC went to the human world. 5th chapter was very hard to follow and make sense of.

I was skeptical about the sword into a humanish spirit but figured ah what the hell and moved on. Then you get a nekomata as famiar... Why not gain a damn peerage? Nekomata are humanoid cats not cats who turn into humans...

There's also too much emo shit going on to really make it a fun read so far.. Its too dramatic... I never really understood why he got the trembling without sonya nearby either. Massive guilt over his mother's death... Wtf. No offence but think for once. What did you want to write your story about because I doubt it was about some emo hikikomori with survivors guilt.

Why the hell do you put emphasis on a good relationship with seekvaira when you dump ravel on him the next chapter... It reads as if you had a place in mind you wanted the story to go. Were stupid enough to start at child birth and began writing your way up from there with the intend to have some awesome random backstory for your imagined scene only to loose interest after 3 chapters and try to work your hand at relationships there after in the hope of getting some muse for an actual plot to bridge the time till your scene with...

Its easier to just start at an older age with the story and get to the plot that inspired you.
8/21/2019 c3 Pedro52
8/8/2018 c5 Mile De
nice one!
8/8/2018 c4 Mile De
wow kenpachi female ver!
8/8/2018 c3 Mile De
love ur story!
6/7/2018 c4 I Lost My Name
5/27/2018 c5 feliep432
Good writer-san very very good :)
5/22/2018 c2 2Mangahero18
This is another one of those stories with an interesting premise that im really interested in reading but the grammar/spelling isnt good enough for me to really enjoy it. Your English needs alot of work.
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