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9/18 c16 Uncle Dork
I haven't used this in a while but think it's apropros, lmfao
7/27 c12 mohava.36
- whacking stalin
- Ready to whack some tyrants
slap in the face of their leaders who cut the Indians at the root and leading colonial politics, say hello to the black slaves.
You facking scum.
7/16 c34 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Finally caught up, looking forward to more.
7/9 c34 lanitri27
Now all Izuku has to do is take up alcoholism( plus a healthy dose of apathy), and he's closer to being Rick Sanchez. Haha. Seriously though, Main needs help and he's not getting it from Kendo. What he said to Eri is fucked up though and should he recover from his insanity, must do everything in his power(which is a lot) to rectify that as well as be punished for it. Nobody says that to a kid, especially to a kid with Eri' s circumstances and most especially to Eri herself. I like Main so far and can look at his actions with some understanding(and yes to almost beating Kendo to death, didn't really care about her) but what he said to Eri was going too far and should be rightfully punished for it... Preferably by First, for whatever else can set Main straight but by his strongest self. I like to think of First as some eldritch abomination, but not as something necessarily evil... I wish anyways. It would be fun to see Main getting smacked upside the head by Himselves.
7/6 c33 TheGreatBubbaJ
Perhaps it wants him to work through his issues.
7/5 c32 TheGreatBubbaJ
The internships will be mighty interesting.
7/5 c31 TheGreatBubbaJ
How can they be so surprised by the stash, they have internet and fiction, surely learning they are a fictional serialization to some themselves they could have put the pieces together.
7/5 c30 TheGreatBubbaJ
Oh goody explanation time.
7/5 c29 TheGreatBubbaJ
Down to the wire.
7/5 c28 TheGreatBubbaJ
Meanwhile Main and Katsuki are still having a blast. Get it.
7/5 c27 TheGreatBubbaJ
When the oceans are infinite, all ships can sail.
7/5 c26 TheGreatBubbaJ
And so is that the second or third instance of infighting in this encounter?
7/5 c25 TheGreatBubbaJ
Time for the counter attack.
7/5 c24 TheGreatBubbaJ
Neat little list.
7/5 c23 TheGreatBubbaJ
Are the Wild Pussycat kids half siblings, or all from separate universes I wonder.
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