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8/31 c35 Om2374
This is one of the most tiresome fics i have read in a while. Honestly just make the Izuxkendo official, i swear it's like Kiritsugu Emiya and Irisviel all over again, only they started out with more hostility and devolved into a more painful relationship
8/10 c7 hanzohasashifan29
8/9 c31 4Axolotl fuck
poor eroge... *continue to cackle loudly*
7/13 c11 Axolotl fuck
I love there's always Rick and Morty's in multiverse fanfics
7/9 c8 grimmouse197
The way it suddenly switches parts is very confusing
6/9 c35 TitanGuest912
This is amazing! So much angst is lovely hahaha. Would love another chapter or two to at least wrap up the memory viewing stuff.

Thank you for writing this with so much passion!
6/1 c19 Axolotl fuck
he didn't judge those villains "god" is the only judge, he just set up the appointment
5/5 c35 9Dragon King of the West
People wonder if anything in the Multiverse means anything, somewhere and sometime things happen whether or not we have the power to go to these worlds and intervene. The mere fact that if we could see events in another world and intervene this means we're just creating new worlds and what we sought to prevent already happened. Dimensional Traveler Izuku in this story is forced to endure and confront that nihilism everyday however this does not mean that everything is meaningless. We give our actions meaning, we forge our paths, we do what we desire because there is a universal truth in the Multiverse: "life is what you make it." Dimensional Traveler Izuku needs to realize this or he will go insane.
4/21 c35 kax321
So main is an abuser. He loses himself in a rage and hurts Kendo, until she begs for him to stop in tears, then he 'explains' himself.

A fucking abuser.
4/20 c35 Turtle dude32
I'm happy your back, I loved this story.
4/20 c35 Omnipotent X
I’m so glad you updated this, the chapter was so emotional I almost cried a tsunami!

I’m bummed out that this Izuku isn’t paired with Ochako but I’m still liking this.

I hope your master’s degree isn’t causing you to overexert yourself. Can’t wait to see what you have planned for Heroic Heart, Villainous Head.

Good luck.
4/20 c1 Wyrm
Haven't read anything but the summary and... what the hell are you talking about? Going into the Multiverse is rediculously versatile and OP. It's neither simple, nor unassuming and not at all weak unlike what you try to make people think. It is one of the most OP things one could have, depending on restrictions. But even those restrictions can often be sidestepped due to acces to part of the multiverse. Meaning acess to part of all possibilitys to ever come to be or not.
4/18 c10 Guest
I don’t get why Izuku needed to even warn night eye of his attack?

Izuku already had all the information

What gives?

He’s being too reckless with this lol

They know his face and shit

Plus Izuku could start as a hero for influence and fame then retire into being a politician if he really wants to change the world

With the multiverse knowledge and resources at his finger tips he could do great things
4/18 c8 Guest
The axe is a signature weapon for psychopaths?

WTH are you talkin about?

I can only think of one guy from the meme “here’s Johnny” and I’m not even sure it was an axe or not

And the axe being an icon of one single thing depends on the presentation of the axe

If it’s red it’s a fireman’s axe

If it’s plain it’s a wood workers

If the axe’s shaft and head is made of metal it’s a knights

If it’s broad and/or double sided it’s a the media’s portrayal of a Viking or knight axe

The combo of weapons seems to be an iconic Vikings load out lol
4/16 c30 mah.dev2003
So Healer is basically a female version of Mayuri Kurotsuchi
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