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9/6/2020 c14 Hexenbiest
Seriously..? Just... different words with "Spider" attached to the end..?

There are a virtually a hundred and one words/names that are synonymous with, can mean, or are associated with "Red".
Here's some examples: "Scarlet", "Crimson", "Sanguine", "Blood/Bleeding", "Ruby/Rubian", "Rust/Rusty", "Brick", or "Cardinal".

Medusa is good, but it's already taken by another Marvel Character, so some other words/names you could use instead could be: "Gorgon", "Stheno or Euryale" (two other Gorgons in Greek mythology), "Rapunzel", "Kejourou" (a yokai from Japanese folklore who's face/body are hidden by a curtain of very long hair), or "Futakuchi-Onna/Futakuchi" (another yokai from Japanese folklore with hair as a notable feature, this one's covering a fanged mouth on the back of its head).

And Techno is... decent... but rather generic, all things considered.
Here's some other options you could go with: "Tinker/Tinkerer", "Signal", "Bandwidth", "Hotspot/Hot-Spot", or (if you want to get clever with some wordplay) try "Cyberian" (like "Siberian" Tiger).

And drop the "Spider" part... It's kinda boring and rather unoriginal.
Also, I believe these Klyntar/Symbiotes have canonical names... and if the symbiotes are OCs, then that's fine.

And sorry if I sounded harsh here... It's just that names are kinda important to me, and it can bug me when cool/interesting characters have names that are just "Meh".
9/5/2020 c11 Hexenbiest
Bitch please... No-...
I was about to say that nobody could be as stupid as them, but then I remembered that there are some pretty stupid people in the world...
7/6/2019 c15 Guest
6/7/2019 c12 Ryu Otsutsuki
Un oh someone is going to get it and get it good lol
6/7/2019 c11 Ryu Otsutsuki
I can't get enough of this story bro it's so freaking awesome
6/7/2019 c10 Ryu Otsutsuki
Oh boy things are going to get hot
6/7/2019 c9 Ryu Otsutsuki
Oh my this is getting so much better and better I'm so loving this story
6/7/2019 c8 Ryu Otsutsuki
Wow i didn't see that one coming I'm shocked I tell you shocked
6/7/2019 c7 Ryu Otsutsuki
Beautiful absolutely beautiful brother I love it this had almost made me turn flew up in the sky
6/7/2019 c6 Ryu Otsutsuki
Wow that's rare and amazing John and Carrie are falling in love with each other without even knowing it
6/7/2019 c5 Ryu Otsutsuki
Nice this shows a lot of excitement and promise I'm loving it bro keep it up
6/7/2019 c4 Ryu Otsutsuki
Nice bro this is freaking awesome I love how John knock the living daylights out of that jackass Billy man I hate goblins likes him
5/29/2019 c15 1DanDrake
Great story 10/10
1/25/2019 c15 1Ultimatrix bearer
Round of applause!
1/25/2019 c11 Ultimatrix bearer
Tony clearly payed attention to tropes school.

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