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6/28 c9 Devussie
Yessss thanks for another great chapter! I really enjoyed Millerna's moment of glory and self-possession, and it's been fun seeing how everyone has changed as they grew up while still retaining some of those same qualities that make them who they are. I can't wait for Hitomi and Van to finally be on the same page at the same time, what a satisfying moment that's going to be. I'm looking forward to Hitomi's inevitable discovery and how the next part plays out :)
6/8 c9 Divinely Sweet Ambrosiac
Nice to see a new chapter! I hope everyone is well, wherever you all may be.

Now to my review. To be honest, I am kinda rooting for Hitomi and Allen. Too bad she went anyway despite her judgment and good intentions of Van and Allen for her (which is to spare her from the disease). Van and Millerna pairing doesn’t seem all that bad too. But it seems the air has changed with Dryden stepping up to the game, albeit, unconsciously, at least.
6/3 c9 Rikunabi
What a great new chapter , I really enjoyed Dryden’s POV. It’s really interesting that this time around Hitomi will be able to help using her knowledge from life on Earth and not only her powers.
Looking forward to the next chapter
5/31 c9 Guest
This is really good and I can't wait to see what happens next
5/31 c9 13serenityrain2233
This is so good I can wait for you to update
5/31 c9 1CatariaNigra
Thank you for this great story and the new chapter! I am really enjoying “Vis Arcana”.

Assuming that Hitomi never went back in the first place is a great idea. Also I like all the little details and twists, like Millerna seeing Van for the brat he still is, or Hitomi for seeing them as a fairytale couple. Or her jumping straight into that hangar, that is. I can already see Vans’ ears ringing from all her yelling at him for worrying of her safety and not taking her alomg in the first place. She hadn‘t been amused about Allens‘ worries back in the TV show either, but she would never yell at him as she does with Van, LOL. Must be his born high-and-mighty jerkiness.

Btw., who drew the cover? I draw too, and really like it.
5/23 c8 Ark
This is so good! I’m really enjoying this!
4/21 c8 440four
Noooo don't split up Van and Hitomi! But I know you said you were working on Millerna's arc here and that hopefully will be wrapped up. I can't stand that slimy slug. I enjoyed the Van/Millerna convos and agree that their friendship could havd been used more in the series. Also, in the beginning at the dinner I was SO hoping Hitomi would chime in when you wrote it'd be something like unbecoming to call out Gilles. Would have been perfect lol But everything is playing out the way you intend. I look forward to the next update!
4/12 c8 Guest
Thanks for the new chapter ! Really enjoyed how you developed Van and Millerna relationship
I am also really intrigued by the disease plotline
Looking forward to the next chapter
4/11 c8 Quietduna
4/10 c7 40four
Okay I'm glad the chapter notes cleared up the 'whores' comment because I wasn't wuite sure what to make of it. It's going to be very interesting what you have in store for Folken. What kind of Science and Tech he can come up with to help the war effort. I continue to be relieved that Millerna keeps questioning the guys around her and their honest motives/feelings for her. Like this picture coursing around the internet: The egg never chases the sperm! She's a smart lady to continuously seek answers.
4/9 c6 40four
I feel like it's been ages since I was able to read some fanfiction and was happy to see you updated quite a bit. The interaction between Allen and Folken was, indeed, unexpected. However, I liked them talking about the 'dark' stuff. Especially the kidnapping of children for experiments and the explanation that Dilandau came to be because Celena's fate was changed as in she was born as a boy. Also can I give you a huge THANK YOU for Millerna having realized Allen did/does not love her? Halleluja! And him having been banned to Castello for the whole Marlene debacle. I like i like. Hope to read more soon. I will try to shoot you a PM in the next days.
4/9 c8 VSabo
As always, I thoroughly enjoyed the new chapter. I love that the characters are true to themselves and yet can still surprise me. I wouldn’t have connected the disease in the story with current events, but that is probably just me. I hope you are staying safe and I look forward to the next installment :)
4/4 c7 Devussie
Oooh, I just binge-read all of this fic today and I can't wait to see what happens next. I really love all the worldbuilding you're doing here and how everyone has such a complex storyline developing that I have no idea how any of it is going to end up. There's so much mystery left to be unraveled! All this combined with the promise of slow burn and I'm totally hooked. Thanks for such a fun read so far!
3/5 c7 eireannlily
Ah I am so happy! New chapter! I loved the way you made Van put his foot in his mouth basically. Haha still awkward as ever, poor guy!
I really am excited to see how Folken plays out in your story as well! I look forward to the next chapter 3 3 3
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