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for Meeting the Potters

10/17/2022 c1 Anonymous
Very sweet!
10/20/2020 c1 Guest
What a surprise for Sirius.
1/1/2019 c1 44AshenMoon42
Awwwww! Your characters are so REAL!
5/2/2018 c1 7Alicia Olivia Mirza
I really loved this!

Alicia :)
4/11/2018 c1 mtg312
this is so cute! I loved the entire thing start to finish especially the emphasis on the lily/sirius friendship
4/9/2018 c1 Guest
It is just a simply piece of happiness. Thank you for making this, you put a smile on my face
4/8/2018 c1 Guest
This is hilarious and it shows that Lily was actually friends with the Marauders, not just dating their leader.
4/9/2018 c1 2StealthyStileto
This is great! Love that Lily goes to Sirius to offload. Nice writing

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