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for Underlying Secrets (A NCIS Fanfiction)

2/26/2019 c3 1Gorange1
Please update
1/16/2019 c3 17DS2010
Love the intro of Dawn to Gibbs Team and Abby. Poor thing has to put with her.
1/16/2019 c1 1Acrwdof1
Line is previous review should have read “verbal commands AREN’T even necessary”. Auto correct got me again...
1/16/2019 c3 Acrwdof1
You should have introduced a human partner along with Dawn. A K-9 partnership is just a solid a link as two human police partners. You learn to read your partner’s “tells”. It gets to the point that verbal commands are even necessary. You would never just throw a dog into a group of people and expect it to work. Especially, since at this point, no one is aware Dawn is “special”.

One of my best friends trains working dogs. She teaches them not only verbal commands (she also uses German) but visual commands as well (modified ASL).

At this point, your story is unrealistic. Gibbs, for supposedly a former Gunnery Sergeant, doesn’t display any real leadership traits on the show, especially military leadership. I retired after 20 active, and Gibbs acts contrary to any NCO guidelines ever established. That is, despite the show trying to be a procedural, the writers don’t have a clue. Gibbs Team works as anything but, with no clear chain of command other than Gibbs is the boss. Trying to put a working dog in an environment like that without a handler will just get the dog killed, no matter that it is Kelly, reincarnated...
4/10/2018 c2 3ShadowWolf's Fables
Can't wait for more! Really excited about this one!

Wonder how she'll react to the team and bond with them...

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