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6/3 c66 kamenriderzio218
When's the next chapter?
4/12/2023 c58 7EquestriamonWriter101
What happened to Chapter 32 or Waking the Dragons?
6/4/2022 c44 EquestriamonWriter101
I get the feeling Jun's going to get a Legendary Dragon as well.
4/8/2022 c42 12345678910
I so love this story amazing work your doing hope you can update soon
12/4/2021 c36 4dream lighting
Nooo poor Yugi wonder what’s going to happen now
5/10/2021 c33 Guest
Update please
3/11/2021 c31 Tahmir jenkins
Can Yugi have Renamon
2/11/2021 c30 dream lighting
So so so good keep going love it
12/9/2020 c29 dream lighting
Wow caught up and wow wow loving this book so so much
10/13/2020 c26 dream lighting
Wait thought she’s fallen out with her old fiends ... Hu keep going so so good love it
4/5/2020 c25 Guest
Good book cant wait to read next chapter
2/15/2019 c24 dream lighting
Wow dragon season next keep it going now season 4 write capsule monster and three yugioh films too please
2/1/2019 c23 dream lighting
Wow happy this is back missed it please keep going going to write the movies pyrimid of light of capsules monster
10/24/2018 c21 Guest
keep it up and update soon
10/13/2018 c20 Guest
keep it up
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