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12/9/2021 c10 GayleOS
Glad you’re back! Going to reread and refresh, love the new chapter.
12/9/2021 c9 In4aPennyn4alb
Such a good story. Logan sounds like he is really confused about life. Sounds like he needs to keep just a professional relationship with Rory until he comes to term with Chloe and wow his own mansion. Plus now his dealings with HPG. but he can do that. he just has to get faith in himself and that is what him and Rory are for each other. Cheerleaders. Yay.
12/8/2021 c10 Guest
You’re storyline is so in touch with the complicated yet fascinating love story of Rory and Logan. I was so hoping that you would continue and bring it to a conclusion. While the ending of AYITL was purposely left open to allow everyone to “author” their own conclusion, there is a sadness that their story ends so ambiguously. Not sure if Amy and Dan were hoping for a sequel but reading your continuation is a very enjoyable and your dialogue is so in sync with their characters. Well done! Please finish if you have the time and the inclination. You are a talented writer.
12/5/2021 c10 Joe1819
The best story about Logan and Rory.
Happy Holidays and excited to read more chapters in the future.
11/30/2021 c10 I'mFeelingAllTheFeels
So excited and happy I found this story after your hiatus. I’m so impatient so I don’t know if id be able to wait so long for an update haha. I really want to know more about Mitchum motives for trying to get Rory in the fold and also want to see Rory and Logan talk about their relationship and what they need to do to make it happen.

On the note of antidepressants, they can be a god sent, especially after this clusterfuck of a year. Glad you’re feeling better and you have such a supportive therapist. I feel like both medicine and therapy are best together, kick starts things so much. Maybe Logan’s next session could focus on his relationship and where and how to start building it again. Also want him and Rory to address his little slip up during their first meeting! Can’t wait to continue reading.
11/27/2021 c10 kay.brady
Thank you for updating! Please keep going
11/14/2021 c10 2December Jeffries2
I respect that you wrote about having therapy sessions on Skype or over the phone. I actually lost my ex boyfriend/close friend to Covid. If it wasn’t for my zoom therapy sessions, I wouldn’t have been able to deal with his death. I love the fact that Rory and Logan are working together as a team, partners so to speak. Since their professional lives are now intertwined, they need to find their way back to them being together, forever this time.
11/11/2021 c10 merderluvr
Welcome back! I missed this story. I reread it all when i realized how long ago I last commented. I enjoyed it just as much as the first time. Its good to see you using your experience to write about Logan’s skyped therapy. The therapist definitely has been with him for a long time and knows him well. She knows all about his dysfunctional family and about Chloe but does she know much about Rory? Does she know their past and his current relationship with her? Im curious to see more therapy sessions as well as what happens at Friday Night Dinner.

Youre a very talented writer and Im thrilled to see your muse return. I cant wait to read more. Thanks! Thanks
11/11/2021 c10 Guest
So happy to see another chapter of this story, one of my favourites. I have always love your Rory and Logan! I hope that the writing has help you with depression. I can’t imagine how hard it must have been for you. I firmly believe in the power of story telling to heal so good luck and I wish I could read you again some other time. No pressure. Whenever works for you. Big kiss from Madrid
11/10/2021 c10 4Clg1978
Thank you for coming back, I had to restart this story to remember it but it was worth it. It is such a good story line. Hope all work out for you regarding mental health, depression is horrible but prayers that all will be good for you
11/9/2021 c10 LoVeRockets1993
This was a pleasant surprise! Really glad to see you’ve returned to this story after all this time!
Can’t wait for the next chapter. I had to reread everything because I couldn’t really remember. Well worth it but after binging every chapter I’m impatient for more! Hope you’re muse helps you to keep this going! Happy writing!
11/9/2021 c10 Piggy
First of all, i’m glad you’re feeling a bit better and being able to find inspiration and comfort. (sticker de abraço virtual)
Second, i’m a therapist and i approve this chapter! (You see what i did there right?) Loved how you captured the feelings and how awkward (yet necessary) online therapy can be.
I’ll be coming back to rear the previous chapters soon️
11/9/2021 c10 Bella
Well I am for one glad you updated. Cause I was able to find this Jen and what a ride so far. Can’t wait for more.
11/9/2021 c10 2LaceyLovesGG
I really really really like this story and I can’t wait to see where you take it! I also have experience with online therapy, not fun but apparently needed. Welcome back. You were missed.
11/8/2021 c10 ReadAndLive
I caught up on all of the chapters and like your take on this version of the story. Exploring their thoughts and feelings, and intentionally taking things slow feels like what it would take for them to be in each other’s lives again. Hope you keep writing, at whatever schedule you can!
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