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11/15 c31 Kmpcarter
I loved it.i can't wait to see what you write next.
11/15 c31 Navywife07
Great update love it
11/15 c30 Navywife07
Great update can’t wait for more
11/14 c5 jordana60
So, you know I love your writing and your stories, but I honestly don’t know how I feel about this one. I’m not sure I can wrap my head around Finn and Rory. At first, I thought I was gonna like this version of Finn, but it doesn’t feel natural. He just doesn’t feel like Finn. And with Logan being chivalrous and getting out of Finn’s way, it makes me like Logan even more!
I don’t understand why Stephanie got so mad at Finn, or why Rory got so upset with Logan .
Because I’m such a fan, I’m not gonna stop reading, but I won’t be making it a priority so if I don’t review often or every chapter, please forgive me. I am still very interested as to what comes next.
11/14 c2 jordana60
You gotta love Paris! Finn is actually being a gentleman. I think I like this version of him.
11/14 c1 jordana60
It always annoyed me that Finn was always going around, asking Rory if he had met her yet. It never made any sense. I’m glad you mentioned it here.
I’m actually glad you asked me to read this. It’s not what I expected. I thought it was gonna be a love triangle, and Finn was the one that wasn’t gonna be serious. Instead, Logan basically gives Finn permission to date Rory and it’s all above board. You have me interested.
11/9 c1 Susan
TY for the update...a pleasant surprise...I hope you will write an epilogue detailing all the gangs marriages, children & grands, businesses...
11/10 c28 Navywife07
Great update can’t wait for more
11/9 c27 Navywife07
Great update can’t wait for more
11/9 c26 Navywife07
Great update can’t wait for more
11/8 c25 Navywife07
So good can’t wait for more
10/6 c24 23Rori Potter
Intriguing. Update soon.
10/4 c21 Stacy
This is such a beautiful story. I just love Finn and Rory together. Umm I hope there is marriage and a lot of beautiful babies coming to this story.
10/6 c24 LAtoNE09
Cute that Finn was reading Rory’s notes. I hope there is a swoon worthy proposal and wedding coming soon
10/6 c24 52shari
Like that Rory bought her thoughts to the therapist. She gave Rory homework right up her alley. Not sure about Finn’s reaction. The girls were the perfect reinforcement for her
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