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5/28/2019 c33 4danifan3000
I'm a little surprised we didn't hear much from Uma since the villain they were fighting was her mother. and sometimes the interactions between Uma and king Triton in Fanfictions seems interesting to me since one of the original ideas they had for Disney's little mermaid was that Ursula and Triton were brother and sister making Uma Triton's niece.
9/7/2018 c31 luckystar20141
It's good to see Mal, Sora and the gang back! I enjoyed this chapter especially the ending. It looks like Uma is starting up teasing Mal and Ben. Time will only tell if Mal will do the same to Uma. I have thought about a few sister songs that might work for the upcoming chapters.
Space Between (while it is Mal and Evie's song, it has a very emotional message of love and friendship)
I'm Your Girl (It might be a fast passed song that Mal and Evie sang, but I think it can work as a sister song too)
You've Got a Friend (not the one from Toy Story (that one is a good one too), this one is by Carole King. Either the one she sings or another person named James Taylor is good)
Anytime You Need a Friend (This one is from the Disney film Home on the Range)
I'll Be There for You (This one is the Theme song from the TV sitcom Friends. it's fast passed, but I love the message of the song)
You'll Be In My Heart (this one is from Tarzan)
I hope these give you a few ideas. Can't wait for the next chapter!
6/14/2018 c30 14Evelyn1563
love it
6/12/2018 c30 luckystar20141
It nice to see that Riku considers Uma and Harry to be part of the team despite not even knowing them. Did he cross paths with Evie and learned about Uma and Harry from her? As for the song for Julie and Olivia, what type do you have in mind?
5/24/2018 c29 luckystar20141
I think Uma is starting to get the idea of why Mal said that she and Harry should have remained on the ship. I was thinking that another thing that could happen is that Uma or Mal end up saving each other right in the middle of a battle (not counting when Mal healed her). Both of these two girl are strong willed characters that by having this one action could make the two realize how similar they are to each other. Also when Sora and Riku end up in the Realm of Darkness, will anyone of the descendants be with them?
5/23/2018 c28 luckystar20141
Great job with this chapter, it was nice to see Mickey and Evie again! Thanks for the clue. After going through the list again The VK that fit the clue best is Chelsea. Do you think at some point Mal and Uma are going to use their transformation powers (dragon and sea witch forms) in the story? Also I think it would be interesting to have Evie feeling guilty for keeping Riku’s where about from her friends and her having to tell her friends that she is doing it because she has grown to care for him as a friend. Maybe Mickey will help her feel better about it.
5/20/2018 c27 luckystar20141
Looks like Sora and the gang have a lot of explaining to do for Uma and Harry. I am at a little bit of a loss of who the other VK (is there any other clues you can give?) In the meantime here are the possible AKs that can appear.

AKs: Maggie and Olivia

Looking forward to what adventures await next!
5/19/2018 c26 luckystar20141
Yay, Uma and Harry are now going to be part of the adventure! I bet the world Mal was talking about was Atlantica (mainly since Uma's mom is from that world). We will see if Uma ends up following Mal's orders once she discovers that. I am glad you liked my question and your welcome for using it as an idea to include in the story. It was nice to see Evie again since her last appearance was during the prolong and first chapter. Here are the next set of VKs and AKs.

VKs: Ava de Vil and Isabella Amara Muerta (I think she is a VK, I am not familiar with Xibalba and La Catrina)

AKs: Maria and Amelia

Overall, I enjoyed this chapter. I can't wait to see what adventures the gang will get themselves into next!
5/18/2018 c25 luckystar20141
Really enjoyed this chapter, I can't wait to see where they will be heading next! Here are the next set of children that might appear in The World That Never Was.

VKs: Skylin and Darya

AKs:Rumi and Irina

After reading this, I did have a curiosity about a few chapters that will be coming up. When the gang enters the Tron world will Mal and Jay have blue lights on their suits like the rest of the group or will they have purple and yellow lighters receptively? When will Sora, Ben, Jay and Mal be returning to the Hundred Acre Wood? Also since this game only shows Riku in the beginning and the end (not counting the parts where he does appear but his identity is hidden, thanks to the coat), is there any opportunity we are going have chapters where we see what he and Evie are up too?
5/16/2018 c24 luckystar20141
Uh Oh, sounds like our heroes are going to have to preform Under the Sea! Can't wait for the next chapter. Here is the next set of VKs and AKs (also since I put three VKs last time instead of two, I am going to add three AKs to the list)

VKs: Venus and Shan Xiu Ying

AKs: Bella, Giselle and Marley
5/14/2018 c23 luckystar20141
Great job on this chapter, can’t wait for the next. Here is the next list:

VKs: Skylar Hook and Yvette

AKs: Valerie and Talia Tremaine
5/12/2018 c22 luckystar20141
Here are the next group I came up with:

VKs: Maristela Hook and Seraph

AKs: Bailey Rolfe and Dawn Fionnoula
5/10/2018 c21 luckystar20141
Can't wait to read the next chapter! Great job so far!
Since now the number of children left is getting smaller and that two slots are already taken, I am now going to add two children for both VKs and AKs in the remaining slots. Here's what I got:

VK: Ash or Nava

AK: Ruby or Evangeline

Other than the parents of the children who appeared in Kingdom Hearts, are we going to see more interactions between the children and their parents? For example will Evie and her mom being interacting other than in the Birth By Sleep story? Are we going to see Disney characters like Gaston and Merida?
5/9/2018 c20 luckystar20141
Great job incorporating Decedents 2 into the story, this was definitely my favorite chapter so far! I can't wait to see Uma and her crew again latter in the story. Here is the next set of VKs and remaining AK that could be in The World That Never Was.

VKs: Omar and Cadence
AK: Loea (David and Nani's daughter)

Can't wait to see where the group goes next!
5/8/2018 c19 luckystar20141
One down and three to go! Here is the next set!

VKs: Elijah Gothel and Loren of Hearts
Aks: Nicole

Can’t wait to see Uma and her crew. Are they going to have a sword fight like in the movie or will Uma supersize everyone by having her own keyblade?
Either way definitely do a Mal and Uma battle by
Swords, keyblades or by their transformations (dragon vs sea witch). Also does Maleficent know that Mal is her daughter?
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