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for Dulcet Devotion

1/12 c15 F.Williams
As much as I love your work, I was just not feeling this turn of events involving Royal. To openly and defiantly stand between Edythe and her husband because his own fucked up mentality? Nah...and for El to go so far as to back him on it, Carine supposedly the matriarch of the family reduced to what...a traffic cop at best? I understand you opted for a new direction but I gotta decline with how this went sorry /
11/7/2021 c22 Fenix816
This story has been great! I really hope that you were able to recover the storyline. Id love to see how this is going to end. I've enjoyed this story so much! Thanks for doing it!
8/17/2021 c22 Guest
Incredible writing could you post a new update at the end please.
8/13/2021 c22 JakeyBoy13
Hey Madi,

I stumbled on your Edythe POV series about a week ago and lost myself in the characters, the plots, and the drama. I absolutely love the character arch Edythe explored, initially hesitant to steal Beau's humanity but eventually reconciling her own deprecated self-image, and in the process, accepting her need for companionship to make peace with the meaning of eternity.

I came across your work at a time when I was in a losing with anxiety (the last 18 months have been easy on anyone!) Your writing gave me an escape that I desperately needed and am so, so grateful. On that note, do you have a Patreon account (or would you consider setting one up)? I'd love the opportunity to support you.

That said, I completely understand that losing your laptop, work, etc would be heartbreaking. And getting back into the B/E saga must be painful. It's okay to take time for yourself and even if you never get around to bringing this incredible series to conclusion, my Patreon offer still stands. Can't thank you enough for your endless imagination and wonderful way with words.

Much love!
8/11/2021 c22 Beau C.Swan
I hope you are doing alright.
Thank you for writing such delightful fiction spanning 4 parts. You have had me intrigued since the first chapter and I hope ... because it's all I can do; that you will finish the beautiful romance with your charisma.

Thank you for engraving Beau and Edythe into our hearts.
See you in the future,
A fan of yours.
6/14/2021 c22 anon-acc
Please Continue! This story has been so nice to read and I and I am sure many others would love for you to find the time one day to come back to it.

Thanks so much
4/18/2021 c22 Guest
Quando vai continuar postando
4/12/2021 c22 Guest
It's been over a year :(
Please just write one final chapter to wrap up the story! It's so good and you're so talented!
3/29/2021 c22 Guest
Quando vc vai continuar a história
3/14/2021 c22 Marcia
Hi im Márcia and i just want to express how great your storyline is and hopefully you complete this fourth book.
Ps im portuguese so sorry the bad english
3/8/2021 c22 Azildis68
I've reread this entire series so many times by now that I don't think you would believe me If I told you the actual number lol. I really hope you come back and finish this eventually. Either way, thanks for writing such a great and enjoyable series!
3/1/2021 c22 Domia0Abr0Wyrda
Please, you're the best writer in Edythe's point of view
Please continue,,
2/14/2021 c22 DeedBot
Thank you for writing these stories. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading all your work and hope you continue to express your incredible talent

Cordial regards,
2/12/2021 c22 Guest
Please finish the story! I know you've been on hiatus for a year but you're such a talented writer! Please just post the last chapter so we can have some closure. I'm so curious about the baby and Beau's reaction to Renee and if they're going to fake his death or he'll pretend to be human for a few more years, like Bella did.
1/19/2021 c1 7Charlennette

I had an exceptionally rough 2020 (as many did) but your stories really helped me through it. Like comfort food for the soul, the way you write love and domesticity just resonates with my heart. I recently became a fanfiction writer myself and have tried my earnest best to capture the warm, bubbly feeling your romance between Beau and Edythe so effortlessly exudes. Now I know how much effort must actually go into the crafting of these books. It really made me appreciate in a starker sense how intimately you understand the characters, what makes them tick, what makes their hearts beat faster (metaphorically, of course) and why they love their partner so much. How else could you articulate their feelings for one another with such an artistic slant?
From your reimagined Twilight to Dulcet Devotion, you wowed me. Kept me ensnared and ravenous for more. I adore your renditions, which, I feel, made good on the promise of the originals. Your Edythe and Beau feel alive and in love in a way Edward and Bella didn't. They are characters you have made uniquely yours. Their personalities, quirks, and motivations are never lost in the advancement of plot or sticking to the canonical timeline. Instead, you make them evolve and grow in ways not even Meyers did. I understand the actions of Edythe because you've so painstakingly mastered her voice, her thoughts, how she communicates her emotions. Sublime.
Additionally, I love how you write their ardor for one another. Both in their regular actions and their physical expressions. It drips with sensuality and earnest devotion in a way so many erotic scenes lack. They don't lose themselves as characters. So often, the characters no longer seem natural in such scenes because the author is simply using them as vessels; instead, you are capable of making keeping them organic. They are still Beau and Edythe, just in lustful love. Their voices as characters remain the same and their emotionally-charged expression of intimacy just melts my heart.
Another laudable aspect of your writing particular to you is that the reader can genuinely feel the care you have for the characters. Authors can get in a bad habit of divorcing themselves too much from their characters. This serves a purpose, to an extent, in affording the reader more agency in how they view the characters absent writer bias. However, that distance between creator and creation means the characters have to be very well written to stand on their own merits. Your ability as an author to naturally balance both emotive authorship and it's more constructed form is a true talent. The fondness you bathe your characters in is so obvious that I, the reader, can't help but be influenced. This operates similarly to how I can appreciate classic art for the sole reason my sister loves it. Seeing her gush about it colors my perspective, it makes me care more for the subject matter. Same with your characters. In summary, I appreciate your non-sterile characters, you had endeared them to me before they ever did anything just because of how you wrote them.
Truly, you've done a wonderful job with this ambitious project. The characters behave realistically, their interactions/relationships/romance feel earned and powerful, and you've developed them in such fascinating detail. I greatly appreciate your depiction of characters, especially the titular characters, Beau and Edythe, as multi-faceted and dimensional individuals with traits, personalities and motivations. Something that so many overlook in their pursuit of advancing the plot. You've done a bang-up job making me, the reader, care about those you portray. That can only be accomplished through judicious and devoted effort at 'humanizing' them. This is just me reiterating how you accomplished what Meyer's didn't. You made these characters more than the paper cutouts we admittedly fell in love with named Edward and Bella. You've made them more. You've made them truly gorgeous. Real. Impactful.
Suffice to say, you have created a story wholly yours that has had an indelible impact on me. I can easily say that it was after reading the way you so poetically write love, romance, and domesticity that I was inspired to attempt the same. Thank you so much for that. For this beautiful, wonderful story that means so much to me and for the unintentionally given, but precious nonetheless motivation.

All the very best,
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