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for The Keys to My Heart

8/13/2020 c1 underlings
This amused me way too much! I love stories centered around the Celestial Spirits, serious or not
9/30/2019 c1 Ushindeshi
Funny story.
4/28/2019 c1 18Professor of Gallifrey
Lol hilarious. I love it
6/12/2018 c1
Oh my fucking gods yes xD i want to literally bow down n kiss your feet right now. Like if this isnt Loke and Taurus i dont know what is. Also love how even the Zodiac leader is within the wrath of Aquarius xD
4/10/2018 c1 1TheOGFTfanatic
Oh my gosh, this was fucking hilarious to read! Like and Taurus are some conniving bitches, but I gotta give them some props. Loke was smooth in that last sentence for their argument if I’m being honest, like legitimately that is some good shit right there. Great read!
4/10/2018 c1 4MorriganFae
I definitely think *you* (yes, you) made it stand on its own! Love how pervy these keys can get! You did an amazing job! Thanks for the shout-out, though! You have made my day!

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