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for I Don't Want the Easy Way, I Just Want You

4/14/2019 c3 33AgentRez
I just discovered this story and it's really good. You really captured the characters realistically. Any plans to continue it?
4/28/2018 c3 Guest
Please please please continue
4/26/2018 c3 MJ2018
4/26/2018 c3 Guest
OMG, they’re breaking my heart but I can’t wait for more. Liv needs to hear what he just told Cy, and they need some real time alone...as hard as that might be under these circumstances. Hope they can get it w/o Mellie in the way, because they need each other now.
4/24/2018 c3 2Laurenaustin4
Awww nooo
4/24/2018 c3 Mari
“She said it was my early birthday present.” just about killed me. Fitz’s AR needs to come true here. My heart is breaking for them, but fantasy needs to somehow connect and turn into their reality. Loving this twist and can’t wait for more!
4/23/2018 c3 Dendardendan
4/23/2018 c3 Coralsue3
Like this twist. Poor Liv. Poor Fitz. Write more please!
4/23/2018 c2 Coralsue3
Oh wow didn’t see that coming. Can’t wait for more.
4/23/2018 c1 Coralsue3
Nice start.
4/23/2018 c3 TstormvA
OMG... You have got to give us more updates. I love this storyline - so different.
4/23/2018 c3 Guest
I think that this story is going to be very complicated I thank Millie is going to be really upset when she finds out that Fitzs thinks he's married to Olivia and that's not going to be very good for Mellie I hope this story is a really good one it sounds like it's going to be good
4/23/2018 c3 sister1256
I like this story. I like the oval stories with a twist and you certainly have my interest.
4/17/2018 c2 8Aussiegladiator
Interesting. I like this kind of story. Keep writing.
4/16/2018 c2 2Laurenaustin4
Oo I like that little twist. Looking forward to more
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