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for His Angel (discontinued)

5/6 c24 corleyw27
Damn Bartholomew holy shit I’m so sorry
5/5 c30 Karibanu
Good luck with the rewrite - if you read the manga Raynare ( awful translation - the original Raynelle was a bit nearer but Reinel is an actually angelic name ) is much more like a cult kid who just doesn't know better than shitty pastiche villain. I had several theories on how falling gives angels brain damage, effectively, but there's also their innate lack of independence as angels to consider anyway. Theg can still draw on angelic magic too, so they must still have *some* connection to Heaven.

( Akeno should probably have exploded when Rias reincarnated her... )
4/22 c30 Reader132
I can't wait to see this rewritten I thought it was still good. And I hope you get better, and ill be waiting for your updates I would hate to see a good writer go away. Stay safe and keep moving forward from a loving reader.
4/11 c30 10Missmatch21
Good to have you back! I honestly smiled so wide when I saw this update saying one of my first ever and favourite stories was getting a rewrite :)
4/7 c30 ErwinvonBeckendorf
Good luck!
4/6 c30 1Dragon Bone Z
No idea what kind of life you lead and from what I've read it is shitty. But good for you. Hope you can make it better. I never touched this story because the first few chapters made me not caring.

Heck, I only put this story on my reading list because I am waiting for this

This story is genuine trash but your skills is undeniable. So, thank you for doing this. Hope to see more.
4/6 c1 Freedom-Knight02
At least Panther-Strife is honest, more than I can say for a coward who kicked me out of your discord server for no reason whatsoever.

Please don't trust this man, his story might be good but this might as well be Crack story.
4/6 c30 7Belial the Liar
Ignore the Panther-Strife guy beneath this review. If you want to know why he was removed, take a look at his profile - you'll understand.
4/6 c1 Panther-Strife
Don't trust this writer, he kicks people out of his discord server for no reason whatsoever!
4/5 c30 4The Azure Reaper
Could you also explore why would Raynare want to be loved from the canon?
4/5 c30 3Genomagala
man it the feeling of looking back and seeing your old work and cringing at it really sucks doesnt it? i do ut all the time. xD
4/5 c1 djlawer11
WHOOOOOOOOOO! This was oen of my tops favorite books! And finally you will focus on this rewriting book! i was depressed when i saw discontinued
4/5 c30 Jamie Charlton
Im glad i loved this book
4/4 c29 cancerchrist2.0
Good to see you are alive and kicking, Been a long time its always good news to see a update on anyone's wellbeing. All the best on the rewrite.
4/4 c30 20LanceSennin
Good to see you still alive, man. I'll probably not join the server because of my loyalties elsewhere, but I'm rooting for your revival!
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